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  1. Drift boat in Winchell Lake?

    There is a small launch spot for boats, but no suitable ramp for launching, just a muddy launch spot. All boats that ive seen go in there are lifted off trucks/trailers and placed into the launch. Its muddy at the launch so im guessing a trailer backing down into it wouldn't be so fun. Probably doable though. So depends on the size of your boat i guess? Ive seen many people with small aluminum boats and trolling motors in the lake
  2. Wiggle Tails Calgary

    Is there anywhere in Calgary you can buy wiggle tails for pike flys? Thanks
  3. A Welcome Surprise

    A welcome surprise while fishing for pike!!
  4. New Hobby

    Built my first net a few years ago and after seeing these am eager to get back at it!!
  5. Bow Fish Little Water

    Haha no net. I learned that from the best! Although i wish i had it for the smaller ones. They were feisty and hard to get a hold of.
  6. Bow Fish Little Water

    Manged to get out fishing for the first time since moving down here to lethbridge college. Decided to give the crow a shot for the first time. Always wanted to fish it but never wanted to drive the distance coming for Cochrane. But know that its only a bit more than a hours drive i have no excuse. Fished for several hours and lost count of numbers. Twice as many hooked than landed. All your typical crows nest rainbows. Not big but not tiny. Just a tone of fun. Then i found this big boy. Defiantly wasn't expecting to find a bow river sized fish in this water. Heck it was bigger than most of the fish ive been catching in the bow lately. The colors on all these fish were more vivid then ive ever seen before. Love it! On the way out i was casting a caddis and snapped off another similar sizes one. Lets just say it was an awesome first day out there. Cant wait to get back out next weekend!!
  7. New 7Wt

    For around here where your not likely to be getting any pike that are 20+ pounds an 8wt is the go to rod size for pike. If you are targeting larger fish or want to be throwing the larger wind resistant patters a 9 or 10 wt is typical. I personally have and use 5, 7 and 10 wt rods for pike. 7 is in general the rod that i use the most; can czst decent sized flys, has enough back bone to pull pike out of the weeds, and handles medium to small pike well. 10 is kind of over kill for most of the fish your going to get, like i said unless your hoping and trying to get something big or want to be throwing the really big streamers. 7 handles the fish fine and you can cast big enough streamers, dont need to be massive flys to get pike. 5 was rather under powered but very fun. I use it for smaller pike fishing off of the sandy shores of lesser slave lake. Its a hell of a fight on the 5wt and tons of fun. But if there are weeds around and they roll deep into them your going to get into trouble, thats why i use it on sandy shores. So all in all i would say a 7wt is a good size pike rod, around here. Up north or out east where you have a good chance of catching a bigger fish you might want to consider a 9 or 10wt. 7 is also a great size for bulls and bow river streamer fishing.
  8. Birds And Beasts

    Couple of pictures from today on the bow, and last week fishing for pike.
  9. Yes but know im saying that its not some random government official who knows nothing of what there talking about thats making the closure, but rather people who do know what there talking about.
  10. Im just saying that of all the things they could be doing, enforcing this ban shouldn't be at the top of there list or even on it. Know there are going to be more conservation officers out on the trails catching people not following this ban instead of doing other productive tasks. OHV's are required to have spark arrestors; which prevent sparks, flame, or excessive heat from leaving the exhaust and possibly starting a fire. The people that dont have them are already braking the rules, so i highly doubt that a ban on riding will get them to stop. If it is true that the Alberta Off-Highway Vehicle Association did request that this ban be in place than there must be a reason for it and i respect that. I just assumed that some snotty high end government official who knew nothing of the matter made the ban. And im sure you can see why i would me mad about that.
  11. ^^^ I was kind of confused about that as well. Its not very clear and could easily be taken wither way. Played it safe and headed to the moto track this afternoon instead of out to the trails. This ban is making me somewhat angry. Not only because i had the bike all loaded up and was literately driving down the driveway headed to waiprous when i found out today But because i dont see a reason why they have done this. What are they hopping to achieve from this. Are they worried that some OHV are going to start a fire??? Ive been riding dirtbikes for many years know and not once have i heard this happening. The though of it hasn't even occurred to me. What do people think that these vehicles blast fire and sparks out of the exhaust or something Why are these fire breathing spark creating machines being banned?? Off all the things they could have done to try and reduce the chance of a fire, this is one of the most pointless. Why dont they ban smoking while there at it. Far more likely some moron will chuck a cigaret out the window and start a fire than a OHV starting one. Even further, why dont they ban driving all in general. Again, just as likely if not more so that a car will crash and start a fire than a OHV starting one. Banning OHV is just useless and will achieve nothing other than making those who ride angry, as you can probably see from this post.. Were not the problem and not what any focus should be on when trying to solve this problem.
  12. 2016 Tackle Swap

    Is this address correct? Looking at Google maps it looks like its in a small community with nothing around that could hold this??
  13. Oh Yeah! Mousin'!

    Haha what a coincidence, i was watching this exact video last night. Had me tying mice flys all day today!!
  14. Magnetic Net Releasers

    Leevalley has a good selection of quality magnets. Could take a look there??
  15. A Bunch From Last Year

    Man you have a good eye for pictures. Couple of gems in there for sure.