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  1. OutCast Panther - pontoon Like new, with oars and boot flippers $875.00 CAD dest.outdoors@gmail.com
  2. Nobody wins when we make our world even smaller! I often feel the same way about the provincial disparity in F&W licensing for individuals but, as the old saw goes, two wrongs don't make a right. Other the other hand, I do think that something should be done to restrict BC based operations from guiding in Alberta and posting the same on their websites. These are the same guys who helped to bring in the present non-resident license fees and they are the major beneficiaries of the changes, through transferable Rod Days and reduced fishing pressure. Let's let these guys feel a little of
  3. That's exactly the desired effect. The Fernie guides have your number!
  4. Smitty: Dear God, no! Jim did not introduce Brook Trout to AB, unless he's approaching 100 years old in age and has different identities. Yes I know that Smitty, although sometimes when Jim and I are finished having a "discussion", I feel like I may have aged a hundred years. I guess whomever said that sarcasm doesn't work well on-line was right.
  5. Sorry you lost me. Did I already respond to this? Admittedly it is an old topic, I'm not on the site regularly and I can be a little techno phobic. If so forgive my redundant post, I'm only a chironomid. Was there a response back then? Did Jim in fact introduce Brook Trout to Alberta?
  6. Am I reading this right Don? I know there is a lot more to this post and I don't disagree with your basic premise or the thrust of your arguement but, are you really suggesting Jim Stelfox is somehow responsible the original decision to stock Brookies in Alberta? Did you really mean to impugn a frustrated, dedicated, underpaid, provincial employee who has been fighting the good fight almost as long as you have? I have known Jim for a long, long time and while we often disagree, I am quite certian he is one of the good guys!
  7. George you sweet-talker you! See you down south again this fall. This time I'll bring my fly rod instead of my bird dog. That was you wasn't it?
  8. I'm with you Hawgstoppah! The whole area has been badly abused by random camping and off road activities (not to mention the extensive logging). Many years ago I used to camp on or above the Livingstone with my family for one or maybe two weekends a year. We tried to be eco-friendly but the fact is that it was the lack of pressure that kept us from adversely affecting the area. To put things in perspective, even though I covered many miles fishing each day, I was always a little upset when I saw another fisherman along the creek on weekend in late summer. For over 20 years now there have b
  9. I tried to book a shuttle today but, they couldn't guarantee to get my vehicle from 22X to Carseland in 30 minutes. I decided against it as I didn't want to be waiting for 29 minutes with all the mozzies down there.
  10. No boat launches, what will I do. I know, I'll walk 500 meters and have the river all to myself. I predict that hatches will be sparse this year and to a lesser degree next year as well. That initially the trout that remain will be very hungry, hitting everything they see as the water begins to clear and coughing up gobs of washed-out earthworms as we land them. As the year goes on the pale, sand-blasted trout that remain will regain much of their former condition and vibrancy. The water will fall further in the late summer and early fall and as it does terrestrial fishing will become more
  11. Hey that looks way more effective than flyfishing! You really have to admire the ingenuity of construction of their fish trap too and the way it incorporates shopping carts in the construction. No doubt these were donated by the local grocery store or thoughtfully purchased for this purpose by the tribal council. It is their right under treaty and I guess that somehow makes it OK. Furthermore I suppose that the only difference between this and what regularly occurs on the high seas is that we can see this happening. What pisses me off are the many Vancouver residents who encourage this
  12. They certainly do and that's when they become truely deadly!
  13. It's always the 8 to 10 pounders that straighten my hooks and get away. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but, all the ones I actually land seem to be much smaller. Of course I hooked most of those 8 to 10 pounders around 6 years ago when they were mere fry, say around 20" and 2 1/2 pounds. I'm assuming they're still alive and have grown to at least 8 to 10 pounds by now!
  14. While I appreciate your thoughts, I'm hoping to offer sound advice to anglers who are struggling with this ethical dilemma. I am concerned that what you are suggesting is not practical. I can cast the better part of my flyline and some of you cast much better than me. For the sake of this discussion let's call it 90 feet. If there is an angler on the bank opposite me the river would have to be 180 wide, plus the width of a driftboat, for that boat to be outside of casting range. The situation becomes even more untenable when we consider spin fishermen who can often lob a lure across the r
  15. Generally speaking, Trout have a lot in common with the anglers pursuing them. It's the Goldilocks paradigm, both anglers and people like it when it's not too hot and not too cold. Unlike us, trout cannot move indoors, and are cold blooded, so they adjust their behaviors according to the temperature. On cold or cooler days in the spring or fall fish feed more heavily once the water warms sufficiently. In the middle of summer they pick it up at cooler times of day or night and on overcast days when the temperature is lower and become very lethargic during the heat of the day. In the winter, c
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