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  1. Shuttle Service

    Mel has been shuttling this month - 403.510.0138
  2. Drift Boat Flipped At Policemans

    I haven't heard or seen anything either. I floated Police down at least a half dozen times after the event and nothing.
  3. Drift Boat Flipped At Policemans

    Everyone is ok from what I'm told, they are just hoping someone spots the boat at this point and they will go from there.
  4. Drift Boat Flipped At Policemans

    I haven't had any occurrences. Just friends and friends of friends who contact me asking for assistance (like posting online) when they have an incident.
  5. Yesterday, Thursday May 11, right at Policemans launch, or slightly down, black and white clacka. If anyone floating or walking police down could keep an eye out and text or call 514-967-6345 if you spot it that would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Flipped Jet Boat On The Bow

    Also see my Facebook post (set to public) lots of good comments, pictures and info there. Angie Rankin
  7. Flipped Jet Boat On The Bow

    Shaken up but he is ok!
  8. Heads up in the McKinnons area, less than 1 km up, middle of the river possible hazard. Will know more tomorrow about exact location, if it has moved etc. Currently trying to help the guy find someone with a jet boat to launch at McKinnons and find it & to see if recovery is possible (possibly some gear may apprear downstream also?) Any help would be appreciated.