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debarb salt flies?


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Bonefish yes, others no. Apparently tarpon guys fight between barbed and unbarbed as the barbless are easier to penetrate.. my thoughts are if i stick a permit or tarpon, i want every little bit of help i can get. You'll always find more bonefish..

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Been amazed by how easily salt species seem to shed hooks, even with barbs.  Bonefish have lips like a rubber boot,  tarpon like sandpaper covered concrete. Stuck but never landed permit, but seen quite a few up close. They're like rubber boots also. All seem to be pretty easy to extricate hooks (barbed or otherwise) from in my limited experience however.  Obviously you want every advantage, especially on the first few.  Tarpon are mind-blowing in their ability to shed hooks that feel like you hit them hard enough to drive the hook clean through a 2 x 4. In Cuba we used 4/0 and 6/0 flies with good success, Keys guides laughed at the same. Used 2/0 Owner SSW and they seemed to hold pretty good, if you survived the first few jumps you were usually safe if they didn't burn through the leader.  Once you get an up close look at their mouth you understand why they're so tough to stick. There's only really a few spots for the hook to grab, and they don't mess around once they feel even the slightest tug on their face.

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