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Ride To Conquer Cancer Update

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Hello Everyone,

The ride is about 1 month away. With the generous help of the members of this board, I have exceeded my fund raising goals. But I'd like to shatter it! The difficulty of the ride for me has been upped a bit as I will be riding while still recovering from a broken collarbone I suffered training a couple of weeks ago. The Dr said I was structurally sound to ride, but that it would likely hurt a bit (he actually doesn't think I'll finish--challenge accepted). My wife thinks I'm crazy, but nothing new there. I'm still really looking forward to this.


If anyone is able to help, I would sure appreciate it. Here is a link to my donation site, and thanks again!





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I rode 150 or so KM this weekend. Went pretty well, at least shoulder wise. The lack of training was really evident, and this weekend is going to be a challenge, but no reason I won't be able to pull it off.


There are still 5 days to donate!!

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So they ended up postponing the ride. The new dates don't work for me at all (I'd have to cancel vacation plans and risk divorce!), so I decided to do my own ride. I did 100KM yesterday, second 100 in an hour or so. It was a little surreal doing it solo, thinking about friends and family who have battled cancer-some successfully and some not, but always valiantly. I did ride south of town to avoid the devastation that is happening. And I did spend a lot of time thinking about what is happening to my adopted, and favorite, city. Everyone stay safe, and thanks to all for your support.

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