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Found 17 results

  1. I have always tied pts and hare's ears with legs, yet I do notice that a number of the patterns on the web do not. I am interested in the comments as to effectiveness and usage of the forum. Note that I tried to think of a bit of double entendre arising from the subject, but nothing came together.
  2. Bow River Trout Foundation's Blur Ribbon Bow Dinner, February 21, 2018 at the Calgary Petroleum Club. A Silent Auction comprising of $45,000 of western art work, fishing supplies and services together with a " Celebration of the Bow River Fishery" Dinner Details: https://bowrivertrout.org/blue-ribbon-bow-dinner/ Silent Auction Details: https://bowrivertrout.org/2018/02/06/blue-ribbon-bow-silent-auction/ Tickets available for $125 - online or at local fly fishing stores
  3. Hi everyone, I have a new photo essay on my website called My Top 12 Spring Fly Fishing Flies. I am always eager to get out onto the Bow River in the spring and go after browns and bows. Now you might not entirely agree with my fly picks so lets hear some of your top spring fly picks. You can view my new photo essay on the website link below: http://flyfishingexplorer.com/adventure/bow-river-spring-fly-fishing My website also has several other photo essays about adventures to the Oldman, Livingstone, Elbow and Highwood Rivers. You can even watch videos of interviews with legendary Jack Dennis and Jim McLellan. Cheers, Nickolas flyfishingexplorer.com
  4. Alberta Environment & Parks has started a consultation process to develop and improve Bow River access from Ghost Reservoir down to Carsland. Bow River Trout, as a stakeholder in the engagement process is compiling data for the importance of each access site in the scope of the priority stretch of the Bow river from Calgary to Carseland. Please take some time and go to the following link and complete the questionaire. It will ony take a couple of minutes. https://bowrivertrout.org/2017/03/18/bow-river-access-plan/ Further information will be comming out over the next couple of months
  5. Hi fly fishers! You may be interest in knowing that an alliance of all river users within the City of Calgary is in the formation stage. For anyone using the city boat launches this is an important issue. Currently there are only 2 boat launches from a total of more than 8 that a trailered boat can access. They are Glenmore and Fish Creek. To be blunt, as the city has grown there has been a decrease in access. This has to change. Discussions have started with the City of Calgary officials that will hopefully see 17 Ave SE (Curshing Bridge) and Quarry Park added to the list of public access points. In addition, Harvie Passage Redevelopment will start later this year with a new low flow channel completed in 2017. This will allow for floats through the city core, taking out at either 17 Ave SE or Glenmore. If you are interested in getting involved in negotiations please keep in touch with this post. Regards: Fishteck
  6. There are a lot of nervous folks here in Calgary as we edge closer to flood season. As someone who lived in a community adjacent to the river, I will never forget what happened in June of 2013. The NDP have committed to nearly $297M in flood mitigation projects on the Elbow River. The linchpin of Elbow River flood mitigation will be the Springbank Dry Dam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hp5Rut8CrmU. To date, shovels have not gone into the ground, and Calgary is no safer from floods today than it was in 2013. Calgary Herald, Don Braid: No flood projects yet, so pass the sandbags Here's the main problem: instead of addressing the cause, we are responding to the effects. Deterioration of riprarian areas in Eastern Slopes headwaters plays a very big role when it comes to flooding. Fens and other natural vegetation act as a natural sponge and can mitigate the impacts of flooding further downstream. Without a natural buffer in place, flood waters race out of the mountains and into the prairies at a torrid pace. Imagine what a $297M investment in our headwaters could accomplish with natural solutions to flood mitigation/prevention? I think it's time for a new approach.
  7. Earlier this week Calgary Councillor Shane Keating submitted an Administration Inquiry about vehicles driving in the Bow River (I wrote it ). His latest blog addresses the issue (again, I wrote it ). http://shanekeating.ca/minimizing-our-mark/ I don't want to see them close down the Graves Bridge launch, but they need to do something. We have talked about motion sensing cameras or other surveillance that may help.
  8. Interesting read....http://www.transalta.com/facilities/plants-operation/ghost..
  9. My latest is up! http://www.pikepinksterab.blogspot.ca/2015/03/march-of-anglers.html PS: As much as I think my ideas are great, I'm sure yours are better. If you have ideas about content or suggestions about future blogs, please direct message me!
  10. Please join us this Sunday, March 30 for our next free Sunday Seminar. During this session Max will touch on various tactics for fishing from shore; how and when to fish streamers; the best time for nymphing and more. Max is a Bow river guide who knows our local waters and is happy to share that knowledge. This is bound to be an informative and fun afternoon. This is part of our regular Sunday seminar series. All sessions are FREE and open to anyone wishing to attend. Sessions start at 1 p.m. and last for one to two hours. First ones in the door get the chairs!
  11. Thank you all who braved the weather this past Sunday to sit in and hear Mike Venhuis discuss salt water flies. Join us this Sunday as Fish Tales staffer Sean Britt shows us some tying techniques for his go-to patterns for the Bow. Sean focuses a lot of his Bow River time on the off-season and will focus his favorite patterns and discuss tactics on this season. This is part of our free Sunday seminar series that runs most Sundays from late October through December and mid-January through April. Seminars are open to anyone who wants to attend. Start time is 1 p.m. Sessions generally last one to two hours. First ones in get the chairs! In-store session starts at 1 p.m.
  12. Please post your stories of how the Bow River has changed post flood. Cushing Bridge - 17th Ave SE East Side under the bridge is inaccessible. Tall steep bank with no access to water or bridge from the North side. East Side - South to Inglewood Golf course is fenced, and is inaccessible. East Side - South there is a large rocky flat shore that you cannot reach accept by boat. East Side - North to the Harvie Passage has a deep shore line with fast running water. I estimate about four feet and deeper. From the edge, it drops straight down. There is still a lot of debris knotted against the shore line. West Side under the bridge in inaccessible. Waterline now above the old pathway. West Side - South has massive errosion damage. Tall 20 foot steep bank to the river. Water is deep on this side. West Side - North is accessible with a small peninsula that has developed at the end of the Harvie Passage. Went out Sunday afternoon to see how one of my favourite spots was doing? It's gone. I mean, I cannot stand on the same land I stood on before when I came here to fish. Didn't even get a nibble. Gave up too soon. I was to busy analyzing the river. The river has changed. Wow.
  13. Yes that's right ! I have almost been living in Calgary for a year and I just caught my first Brown Trout yesterday ! SO here is the story...I am from eastern Canada where trout rivers are not very aboundant...more used to Bass fishing or pike ....Anyway, a year ago when i moved here the Bow was quite itimidating, fast flowing and had no idea where fish would be...So needless to say that last summer, i caught three rainbows.... Not gonna lie, I thought flyfishing was gonna be over for me before it started....then came winter blues.... I started tying and really doing my homework. Fished the end of January and all of march and was quite succesful, LOTS of rainbows and whites but still ..... no ....brown.... My luck finally switched last monday, I hooked into a pig of a brown that put on a pretty good aerial show before running like ive never seen before and headed straight for a run .... instead of running after it, I froze and it broke off...I shed a tear... Then it wasnt until yesterday that my dreams finally came true ! I caught my first brown, not very big but what a beautiful fish !! I can offically say that im hooked for life ! Thanks for reading Simon
  14. Hey, figured guys on here may find this interesting. Bow River weir/ Harvie Channel fish tagging study. Betting these guys would appreciate hearing about any tagged fish captured this spring and summer. Details on the government news site this afternoon for those interested. I'm betting a ton of money is going into this one so hopefully they collect some data. http://alberta.ca/NewsFrame.cfm?ReleaseID=/acn/201304/3400424418A31-00B0-6C21-9423B94B96F319A9.html .
  15. Please join us this Sunday, December 2, for our next free Sunday seminar! This seminar will feature Fish Tales crew member Kurtis Giles who will be tying up some of his favorite streamers. Kurtis will go over these favorite patterns and discuss some tactics for using them on the water. Our seminar begins at 1:00 and is free and open to the public. Also, back this year is our "Christmas Wish List Book." This is an opportunity for all those anglers who have been good all year to walk around the store with a list and clipboard and check off all the things you hope Santa will bring you. Then, when Santa asks what you want for Christmas your list is already compiled! Santa can either come on in and grab the list from the book or call us and we can compile it for them. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!
  16. Please join the staff this Sunday, November 25, for our next free Sunday seminar! This seminar will feature Fish Tales crew member and guide Jeff Harrop who will be tying up some of his favorite dries for the Bow River. Jeff will go over these favorite patterns and discuss some tactics for using them on the water. Our seminar begins at 1:00 and is free and open to the public. Looking forward to seeing you then! For CFL fans, not to worry, as you know the Grey Cup begins at 4:00 and we promise to have you home well in time for the game!
  17. Please join the staff this Sunday, November 18, for our next free Sunday seminar! This seminar will feature Fish Tales crew member Sean who will be tying up some of the entire crew’s favorite nymphs for the Bow River. Sean will go over these favorite patters of ours and discuss some tactics for using them on the water. Our seminar begins at 1:00 and is free and open to the public. Looking forward to seeing you then!
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