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  1. For more info visit hookandhackleclub.org or email events@hookandhackleclub.org
  2. I use half of the plastic container my first fly tying kit came in to catch the materials, well most of them anyways. Had same problem with static used the dryer sheets rubbed them on the container seems to work well. Also good for keeping synthetic hair under controll. I actually leave a couple sheets in my materials drawer.
  3. I perfer the red gamakatsu octopus hooks because you can fish em right out of the package no materials needed
  4. It is very hard for anyone to say if they have the flu the symptoms are essentially the same as any cold, although typically worse. I have spoken to a few people who have lived through a flu this season and they basically had all the respiratory issues coupled with extreme fatigue lasting for days and a high fever. The stomach/lower intestinal issues are only a bonus for a lucky few. Although they are not testing anyone to see if it is H1N1, if you have the flu you probably have H1N1 as it is the strain of influenza that is most common currently. We ended up taking our 2 year old to the screening clinic on Sunday and then to Childrens for xrays, turned out to be pneumonia and not the flu. The ER Doctor that we saw mentioned that there are also a few really nasty cold strains going around. In regards to getting the H1N1 shot after having flu the Alberta Health Services website states "People who get the H1N1 vaccine who have had prior H1N1 infection are not expected to have any adverse reactions." So if you are unsure and are high risk you probably still want to get it. Lots more info for anyone who wants it: Alberta Health Services
  5. Well thats a surprise. Either your gonna be there for a while or that is one heck of a courier you got. Sorry your intial post reminded me of the visitors who would catch their daily limit go back to their cabin and then go out and catch their limit again. Enjoy Tofino, beware the swine flu
  6. I think that there are those of who tie our own that take fair trade into account when purchasing materials. I have heard of people deliberately not buying Chinese made hooks simply because they were chinese and not because they were lower quality.
  7. Lund - is my hometown Vike - or viking was a nickname in university referring to the Minnesota Vikings, even though I am a 49ers fan and I do have swedish heritage.
  8. That is just horrible for so many reasons. Besides the obvious loss in terms of the number of sockeye its going to make tough economic times even worse for all the commercial fisherman and for the natives who depend on these runs for food and a living. Time for the governments, provincial and federal, to open there eyes and regulate the fish farms.
  9. Is it still there we used to go occasionally but it was closed for renos the last time and we haven't been back to check? And btw i think it is fully the other end of the spectrum than the intent of this thread.
  10. I am trying very hard not to use lead but... I am not going to just throw out what I already have.
  11. We are going to try to camp at Racehorse or Dutch next weekend and I was going to ask the same question so here I go with a thread hijack. Is it going to be aproblem getting a spot?
  12. based on keeled streamer that I saw in Canadian Outdoorsman (I think?) but yes now that you mention it, it does remind me of a crazy charlie. I didn't really follow any specific pattern just used the materials I had with the intention of making a streamer that would sink well and stay the right way up. Materials List Hook: Mustad Signature Circle Streamer 1x Long #2 Body: 2 pieces of non-lead one on top of the other, silver holographic tinsel, clear v-rib Eyes: Lead painted barbells Wing: Olive Super hair over chartreuse super hair over crystal flash
  13. The discussion on circle hooks reminded me of a tie that I did last week, I apologize for the crappy photo.
  14. I wasn't quite sure how to answer. Basically when I shopping for new hooks for a specific pattern I try to buy barbless if the are available however I have lots, probably around 95% of my hooks, with barbs. So I make an effort to pinch the barbs prior to putting the hook in the vice. But I do like cake!
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