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  1. black intruder style streamer seems to be consistent-ish. Been practicing casting and swinging for going steelheading woooo
  2. Here's a pic of it in flowing water. Must have worked as it fooled two fish
  3. Just a follow up after a few hours at the vise. Tied a black and white version. Black - barbless octopus hook as a stinger - black EP fibre - polar chenille - black marabou - red/orange EP fibre spun in a dub loop - cone head for a little weight White - same as black except the tail is super hair instead of EP and some white ice dub they seem to hold their teardrop shape fairly well in the water which is what I wanted. Marabou is very light and EP/super hair is meant more for salt flies which don't hold water much when casting, sweeeeeet.
  4. Those are excellent looking streamers! I like the palmered schlappen look. I'll try out the dub ball for sure to get some extra flair. SilverDoc, the stinger is great on that one, very sparse looking fly that won't get waterlogged. Does it retain profile in the water? Are you using the dubbing ball behind what looks like marabou to keep it flared? Thanks for the input!
  5. Was out throwing streamers with the spey rod yesterday and noticed that my fly that I had tied looked a lot like a snake when in the flowing water. The material collapsed around the hook shank that looked fairly sizeable in the vice. Any tips on tying trout streamers to hold a solid profile when in flowing water? I'm thinking an intruder type of situation? Also would like to move away from rabbit strips as they can get difficult to cast, is there a synthetic that is similar? End goal of all this is to have a 3-4" streamer that holds is profile, pushes a lot of water, easy to cast, but is slightly heavier than neutrally buoyant so the sink tip and cast angle will dictate the depth. Thanks! Info, materials, or patterns are appreciated
  6. I know how ya feel! Was out camping on the island last week and my car was broken into. They made off with a fishpond guide pack, three boxes of flies, an older scientific angler reel and airflo ridgeline. They left the rod though which was odd as it was in its TFO marked tube. They wrangled a bunch of other stuff but losing a bunch tied up flies is the biggest p*ss off for me. Dam thieves!!! Arrggg!
  7. Great page with for flies and tips on pike fishing on the fly on Clive's page http://ftp.shaw.ca/clives/pikeflyfish.html
  8. This was a new one for me! Lots of learning going on haha Tried out a dubbing loop using wire to spin rubber leg hackles and flashabou together. Here's my first attempt at the spin, I added in some hair and it was a disaster! My second attempt worked better and I used the hackle on a bow bugger type pattern. Deer hair collar is a little light and the whole fly is a bit of a mess but I you can't go wrong with to many rubber legs right? haha Tail: Badger with rubber legs and mylar flashing Body: Polar chenille Black Hackle: Rubber legs and flashabou spun in a wire dubbing loop Collar: Deer hair Good learning experience, thanks for setting this up FlyTyer
  9. Northwest for the win! Geez people should carpool more to fish creek
  10. holy shizz lol That is outrageous! I love the comments on the bottom talking about fishing at this distance lol
  11. Hey guys thanks for the insight! I messaged Flymen Co. on Facebook about it and this what they said "Unusual, but some very simple adjustments should fix it. I suspect it is a combination of 1. the zonker strip is a little too long which creates too much drag right at the back of the fly which then overrides the weight of the keel on the Sculpin Helmet 2. The hook eye is facing downwards. Try a straight eye or up eye hook. 3. Fish using a loop knot instead of a clinch knot. This should sort it out immediately." With that in mind I tied up another variation which I like even better anyways and look how it turned out! Looks amazing in the water!! (see video link below). This one is tied with badger fur as the body, would like to use wool of some sort but this worked pretty well. And this second variation I tied with EP Fibre that is used a lot for saltwater flies. Want to keep the weight down besides the fish skull. Both versions are articulated as well.
  12. Tied up some sculpin streamers a few weeks ago and got to fish them today. They are using the fish skulls but look what happened to it in the water!!!! What gives!? Oh crap just noticed the eye of the hook is pointing perhaps the wrong way, hmmm odd...
  13. I tie a pattern called King Caddis but with that white really thin foam that comes with electronics. Looks like what you tied in that picture. Here's a link to the actual pattern http://www.flyanglersonline.com/flytying/fotw2/071706fotw.php This is my go to caddis pattern because it floats awesome and I caught my largest brown trout on the bow with it, gives me confidence in the fly so I fish it often.
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