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  1. MS Auction 2018

    $200 on #3!
  2. Passing of Norm Norlander

    Just saw Norm Norlander passed away after a brief battle with cancer. Seems the company had been recently have over. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1704024536301876&id=118476531523359
  3. test photo

    Waving good bye to you!
  4. Good Vice for large streamers

    What's the big advantage of tube flies? I've seen the video but feel I'm missing something...
  5. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    I haven't figured out how to take a decent photo yet... Thinking I need a clip on lens for my phone... Have a JC Electric Caddis that turned out for me, just can't show it!
  6. Resin ant pattern

    Ran across this a while ago. Can easily be adapted to resin, but haven't tried it myself. Think you would have to hackle heavy to get it to float though.
  7. Explains why there are few details on exhibitors, and that this is a surprise to most. I did hear the venue fee there was pretty steep and the economy has to recover before the would be enough support. Anyone have contact with the organizers?
  8. Dandy! I registered, but don't see what exhibitors are going. Was hoping Phil Rowley would be there but he's at another event...
  9. Does anyone know if the expo was making a comeback in 2018??
  10. Stainless Steel Nor-Vise

    Norm Norlander is thinking of producing a Stainless Steel version of his vise. Cost is estimated at an extra $100. He's looking for feedback - see the following link to the social media call out: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1489679667736365&id=118476531523359
  11. And So It Starts...

    Pretty easy thing to miss. Where you are identifying and mitigating hazards it's tough to see new hazards you are creating in the process as you are so close.
  12. What Are You Tying 2017 Edition

    My understanding is the backswimmers have a trapped air bubble on the underside, and they must periodically return to the surface to replenish. As such they travel in an almost sinusoidal pattern to surface and down. You could mimick the downward travel path with a sinking line, not so sure how you could handle the bottom up presentation? This idea has been on my to tackle list, but was saving it for winter and to try in early season lake fishing. I know Phil Rowley has both the BS and WB pattern, but haven't tried them yet... Don't know if that helps much off at all, but I'll be following this... Cheers!
  13. Looking for some advise on making wire dubbing brushes. Making some micro leeches with a maribou body and a ice dub collar. Thinking to spin up some dubbing brushes for this but am pondering how long I need to make them? Is there a rough measurement of how many shank lengths of wire to build to wrap around a hook? I'm just thinking when I've added dubbing to thread I usually can add a little if I need more, or pick it off if I'm a little heavy. With a wire brush you are a little more committed to the amount you make up - unless I'm overlooking something...
  14. Desk Option Opinions

    I've taken the lead from my father in law, he a long-time guide in SE BC. It's not as common, but he favors portability over anything. A couple light weight plastic bins, and two plastic bins with 3-4 drawers each. Vise and lamp mounted on board and he's off. Thing is he likes to set up camp for a couple weeks at a time and have the ability to tie what he needs nightly as he goes. Bit of a different way to go about it, and I wish I could do it that way myself. Thought it was worth throwing out there.
  15. Hackle Guard?

    I picked up a Norvise and tools second hand, and have been quite happy with it, and have been learning quite a bit. Something I've ran across in struggling with a bit. And couple bobbins have a bit of (what I think is) rubber tube on the ceramic tube of the bobbin. I believe this is a hackle guard for slipping over the front of the fly, to make it easier to whip finish and not get caught o in bushy fibers. Do I have that figured right? Second, where can I get more of this diameter tube, as not all my bobbins have this? Cheers!