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carry on fly rod tube

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I'm in the middle of planning a fishing trip to Mexico in February. The carry on rules are a little vague for fly rods. Has anyone recently taken a rod tub as carry on ? If so which airline?  It's pretty clear that saltwater hooks would not be allowed as carry on.   I'm wanting to avoid checking a bag mostly because of the number of connections required to get to Merida. The flight options do not inspire much confidence in me for a checked luggage arriving with me.

Thanks for any insight

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I've never had a problem with bringing on a rod tube with both Westjet or Air Canada to Mexico.  My tube is 4" which will hold 5 saltwater rods.  Your rod tube however is classified as your carry-on so you are allowed a personal item but not a second carry-on bag. Sometimes people get lucky but I have never tempted fate. I also bring all of my reels in my personal bag with line on the reels flus one day of fishing clothes.  Arrive early as security sometimes will make you take each section of rod out to be examined.

You are also allowed to bring on flies that are 6cm or less so it doesn't hurt to throw a dozen Bonefish/Permit flies in a zip lock bag so you have something when you arrive.

There was a law years ago on the Mexican Government website that stated any more than three rods and reels you could be charged duty on the value cuz they think you are going to leave them or sell them.

To me it is pretty clear on the Catsa website that you are allowed to bring rods on board as carry-on along with reels and lures 6cm or shorter.


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You will have to check both rods and reels upon your return to Canada!

Mexico no longer allows them to be carried on!! This has been in effect for about 5 years or so...


P.S. be careful with pliers, etc. I've had to fight many a time with the CATSA agents! Make sure you understand what you can and cannot bring through security (they don't alway know their rules)!

Also be sure to take photos of your gear before checkin in Mexico so you can prove they weren't broken if they arrive broken!


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I go to Mexico every year.  Trip coming up in a few weeks.  I always bring my fly rod.  I carry on my backpack and place the rod tube vertically in the backpack.  It sticks out a bit but it looks like one carry on.  Once on the plane, I take the rod out of the backpack and place it in the overhead bin and the backpack stays with me under the seat.  I check in my suitcase.  It has my waistpack, reel, flies, plyers, nippers, leader material.  I always debate putting my reel in here as opposed to carrying it on but so far, no problems.  I usually fly Westjet.  When going through customs, they will usually want to open up the tube to have a look.  I did see another guy a few years ago with the rod tube in the backpack like I have it.  It prompted a question from one of the passengers "what are those things?"

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