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Just when sanity was returning in the Castle area

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Albertans like you have fought hard to protect important landscapes across Southern Alberta. Your voice has protected the Castle. You helped shape common-sense management plans for the Porcupine Hills and the Livingstone Range. 

Now, the government is considering rolling back decades of progress to appease a vocal minority. This small user group wants increased motorized recreation in the region at the expense of wildlife, water and other types of recreation.

The Minister of Environment and Parks must hear from Albertans who support the existing plans. 

Write the Minister and your MLA and tell them you support conservation and responsible land management. The government must uphold the existing Castle Parks and Porcupine Hills-Livingstone Plans.



Read more about the government backing out of the Castle Management plan: 

The Alberta government has quietly paused a planned phase-out of off-highway vehicle trails use in the Castle Parks area while the government meets with stakeholders”   


Help us protect the Castle and other important places by donating today!  Your support will help keep Alberta wild! 



Katie Morrison, Conservation Director
CPAWS Southern Alberta


© 2016 Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - Southern Alberta ::  88 Canada Olympic Rd S.W., Calgary, AB T3B 5R5



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Not related to the Castle area specifically, but I was on the Fallentimber yesterday and saw many ATV crossings that had "burned/revved" the banks down into 6 foot high ditches on each side that would be absolute torrents of mud entering the river every time it rains. Looked like someone has driven a bulldozer across each one. Understandably the river was full of muddy silt below each one. Absolutely no justification for this from anyone or any group as far as I'm concerned. These machines have the capability to do so much damage and destruction, even in the hands of only a few idiot owners, that  I would personally ban them from any area that could potentially be destroyed and establish a couple of special areas in the province where they can damage and destroy until their hearts are content. 

Letter sent. 

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11 hours ago, Smitty said:

Did you take pictures? 

I carried a camera on my vest for years, but had to jettison it because my back is so bad that even that little bit of weight makes a difference (terrible getting old:). Same goes for the bear spray.... hope I never need it. I have sent pictures in before, and even had a quadder who was tearing up the blackstone confronted by officers (he eventually got off with just a warning despite my pictures and report). These ones on the Fallentimber are very easy to find and there are quadders camped right there. If the government did even a half ass job they would periodically patrol and investigate these areas, stop and talk to quadders about what is proper behaviour, and hand out a few fines where appropriate. It's not rocket science. It would only take an afternoon every week or so and I've voiced these suggestions to many iterations of government in the past.  

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I was down on the West Castle near the resort during the last week of Aug, the area is just so splendid. We had more success catching in the Crowsnest. I love the whole region. I was so pleased when steps were taken to protect, and I am disheartened by the suspension of progress. I’ll email my letter later this afternoon. 

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