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First impression of Waiparous...


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Did some exploring on my way back to Edmonton from the Okotoks wedding I attended this past weekend.

Followed Barry Mitchell's advice from his Trout Highway book. Not sure I did end up following it that well.

But nothing. Nada. Went up Johnson's creek as well, same result. And I fished some pretty fishy water. I'm no pro fisherman, but I know how to get 6-9 inch fish to bite from a small stream!! As in, not even a sign of a fish. As in, chuck a rock into a pool, see what you spook. z.e.ro. Maybe I was in the wrong stretch...

Maybe its a hidden gem for some of the Calgary crowd who might know it better than me.

But I won't be back anytime soon; too many other places I can fish, and that location doesn't work at all for an Edmonton angler.

Not to mention the quad brigade and the rifle shooting (is there a range?).

I'll pass, thanks. lol. Too bad, it is pretty country, and I got to drive one of the few remaining blank spots on the map for the Forestry Trunk road. All that's left is the portion south of the Red Deer River / Panther river confluence...and I will have driven it all from Grande Prairie down to the Crownest Pass. Only took me 21 years... :)


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I found if you go upstream far enough you leave the off road vehicles behind. I caught several cut throat up near North ghost recreation area camp ground. It has changed since the floods but still good fishing.

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