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Help Me With My Fort Mac Shopping Spree?

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Hi guys:


First, I apologize to admins if this the wrong forum or if I've stepped on a line. I'm not sure if this counts as an official "fundraiser"? Anyways, let me know if it needs to be moved or reposted.


Tomorrow I am going to do a Costco - Superstore - Walmart run. While the RedCross is encouraging and taking straight cash donations, the Edmonton Emergency Relief Services organization is in dire need of pillows, blankets, towels, toothbrushes, misc personal hygiene, baby items; formula and diapers.


So I'm going shopping tomorrow, and looking for people to help me split the bill. Posted on Facebook, I've got about a dozen people lined up. There's alot of goods we can buy if everyone were to chip in $50 to $100. So what I'll do is go shopping, snap a picture of the bills, and then ask for whatever you feel comfortable doing. If you can afford the split, great, otherwise 3ven 10 or 20 bucks helps.


PM me for reply, or reply here with an "I'm in" or something.


With Mackay being evacuated over the coming days, Edmonton will likely get more evacuees, and every bit helps. They only take NEW items though (understandable). And the situation was desperate today for a few items.


Thanks in advance!

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Bump to top. Well, I can't post pics through my phone, but truck is loaded with about $1600 worth of goods.


Got a dozen or so people already to chip in fifty to hundred to help out. And I know many of you have already done so much. Thank you.


For those of you who don't know me, I've been on this board for about 10 years, I'm a school teacher with EPSB. I mention that to lend some credibility and not "just a guy fishing for bucks", lol.


Ask around here, Rickr, Silver Doctor, Murray all know me.


Anyways, this will be done in a couple of hours, if you want to get in, let me know.


Cheers. Have a great weekend everyone.



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Smitty, count me in for 50.00. Send me a note with an address that I can get the money to you.

Good on you for doing this Mike those people really do need our help.


On another note to all of the sceptics out there, I have known Mike for several years through the forum. I have the utmost respect for him and would not question his ethics. He is truly one of the GOOD GUYS.

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