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  1. That was the best Oilers game of the last 3 years. The team looks completely different, i'm loving it
  2. Haha, this is too funny. Flames fans are all "we're playing bad but we still win, just wait till we get going!", exactly how I was thinking when the Oilers started 4-0 last year despite being outplayed. The Oilers have a completely new coaching staff and are in the process of getting used to entirely new systems and they still played better hockey than Calgary on Sat - just wait until they really get going. This is a team that hasn't yet come close to their potential.
  3. No doubt, that was the first time the Oilers have surpassed the flames in shots, intensity and physical play in years. It's going to be a really intense year in the northwest division.
  4. Awesome post, got me thinking about adventures to plan for next summer
  5. Haha, so much for Khabby being a flame-killer! That was an awesome game though, haven't seen the Oilers compete like that for a long time.
  6. Hey guys, does anyone here go to mount royal, or attended in the past? I'm trying to find tips for cheap/free parking nearby, I can't afford the school lot fees and I don't mind doing a bit of walking. I've been parking at the church so far, with a Jesus fish on my bumper just in case, but I'm sure they'll catch on to me eventually. I'd really appreciate any tips on good spots. Thanks
  7. I like playing with the harness now and then, Jimmy Reed style.
  8. It's all good, it's a very subjective issue anyway. Just don't deride the people (and there are millions throughout the world in all sorts of different cultures) who see hallucinogens as natural blessings that, when used in moderation, have many benefits - physical, mental, and spiritual. It's never gonna be legal so the people on both sides of the pot debate need to learn to ignore each other. Tools like Marc Emery give weed a bad image.
  9. I hear you bhurt, I guess it's just a harsh reality of two worlds colliding. Alberta needs some game parks, Kenya style. Take the wild animals living near human habitations and drop them off in a massive protected area with no roads or railways. THey could start with Siffleur and/or Castle. It would save animals lives, peoples lives, and be a huge tourism draw. p.s. thanks for the link BBT
  10. Alberta wildlife officers shot and killed 12 black bears at a landfill just outside the hamlet of Conklin, Alta., earlier this week Government officials said the decision was made to protect the public. The landfill had improper fencing and there were reports people were feeding the bears. But critics now argue that the mass killings were uncalled for, and that the province should have invested in fences to keep the bears out of the garbage and away from humans. Wildlife officers will now be monitoring the area and making sure residents don't go to the dump site to visit the b
  11. I've always been a bit of a herpetology dork, particularly fascinated by snakes. Lame name, I know, but I couldn't think of anything better when I signed up for the new boards.
  12. I was fishing the Elbow the other day and came across a black duffel bag washed up on the shore. Inside there were a couple soaked subs, batteries, shirts, tampons, a couple sealed bags of chips (miss vickies s&v, yeah I ate them), and a true treasure - a sealed pack of Longview beef jerky! Sorry if it was yours but my dog and I were hungry and it made for a great snack! This led me to wonder what kind of treasures other fishermen have discovered on a river. I'm sure some of you have some interesting stories, I'd love to hear em....
  13. These kids should be sent to juvie to straighten em out before they can become said murderers and rapists
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