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  1. drift sock or sea anchor has anyone used one on their boat for drift fishing lakes drifting with the wind across a lake and fly fishing as as you go thanks mark
  2. looking for someone who does gelcoat repair on hyde drift boat or install of g4 located in calgary area thanks mark
  3. interested in this tie,did you use the (bruiser blend dubbing) and where did you source it
  4. thanks ,do any fly shops in calgary carry them
  5. anyone use foam cutter tool for cutting foam bodies/hoppers,beetles or do most just cut out with scissors
  6. try auto marine specialties 4718-1st sw,403 287-2120
  7. what is recommended motor and battery for a 15 drift boat looking at a 55 lb thrust 42 in shaft or 36 in shaft best /reliable deep cycle marine battery ? trolling motor used more to get off lake when windy than to troll all day thanks marks
  8. trolling motor -what's the minimum lb thrust and shaft length for a 15 ft hyde skiff i'm thinking 55 lb and 42 in shaft or 36 in shaft can anyone recommend a marine battery for the above setup to be used more to get off a lake when the wind gets up than for trolling any input appreciated marks
  9. thanks for the input.lots to think over before april
  10. opinions and experience on using drift boat and or skiff on lower bow and for stillwater lakes.are the newer skiffs(RO,ADIPOSE,HEADHUNTER)adequate for lower bow to mckinnon and is a traditional drifter ( 14 ft low pro )ok for stillwater. i'll use about 50/50 on lakes and for bow floats. skiff seems better for stillwater but how is it on lower bow
  11. thanks for the input hope to add to my library
  12. any thoughts or reviews of phil Rowley books--fly patterns for stillwaters or Stillwater selections
  13. marks

    Uv Light

    thanks for the post i'll check them out
  14. marks

    Uv Light

    are there any calgary fly shops or "box stores" that carry loon outdoors uv lights and resins?
  15. is there a calgary local dealer that carries these thanks
  16. thanks i'll check out wheelchair battery
  17. any recommendations for battery /30 lb trolling motor on a pontoon boat normal deep cycle too heavy for boat
  18. what is the size and weight of these ( 12 volt) do wheel chair batteries come in 12v ,and where would you get one if they last all day using a 30 lb /on a pontoon boat it seems like the answer thanks marks
  19. hope someone can help have a sage 690 rpl with fighting butt .now the fightin butt keeps working loose and would like to replace reel seat with traditional seat (like on my sage slt 590 any rod builders or place to source these parts in calgary thanks mark
  20. thanks everyone great info. now i'll have to shop around ice off seems so far away marks
  21. just got electric trolling motor for 9 foot outcast pontoon any recommendations for battery and charger -is marine deep cycle worth the money or just use car battery -is regular charger ok will 12 volt last all day thanks mark
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