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  1. Jeez some people are so clueless and ignorant, good job getting him busted for it. Hopefully the fines end up being a sufficient deterrent in the future.
  2. MS Auction 2018

    $100 on #3 please
  3. 2018/19 regs

    Glad to see the Ram remaining catch and release, would have been a shame to see retention allowed given how the fishery has turned out.
  4. Ms Auction 2017

    $150 on 3.
  5. Ultralight Reels, Too Light?

    The length of the rod also makes a big difference, a 7' rod is going to take way lighter of a reel to balance it than a 9' rod. Keep in mind how much lighter the 7' blank will be, combined with the fact that its center of gravity is going to be much closer to the handle, resulting in even less weight needed. I've often found that 3-5 times the blank weight is a good size for the reel depending on the rod and personal preference.
  6. Can you please clear your PMs and message me? If someone knows Gustuphson and he doesn't come on here much anymore, can you please have him contact me? Thanks!
  7. Skinny Water

    Very nice, I wonder if it was one of your flies in a tree that I left one beside the other day.
  8. Fishing At Hearne Lake, Northwest Territories

    Great pictures, it's hard to beat fishing on the Canadian shield.
  9. Ms Auction 2016

    $150 on item 3
  10. Ms Auction 2016

    $100 on #3
  11. I have then and really like them, tough, rugged, comfortable boots. I've had no issues with the boa system.
  12. Worm Nymph Rig

    Try some maxima fluorocarbon, it's all I use anymore.
  13. I can't comment specifically on the injury, but can offer a couple suggestions for reducing impact. If you don't already use a Spey rod on the salmon and steelhead rivers, give one a try. Also, try using shorter single hand rods as they significantly reduce swing weight, resulting in being able to use a lighter reel (the rod ends up lighter too)
  14. Line Weight Vs Fish Size

    That's a good point about the species. It also lead me to think that perhaps larger fish (even of the same species) tend to have more stamina, therefore it's okay to play them longer as they will still survive.
  15. Line Weight Vs Fish Size

    Here's something I've been thinking about for a while and I'm struggling to figure it out. How do rod weights (in terms of AFTMA grain weights) relate to fish size in terms of two rods from the same series but of different weights? For example, a 12wt weight "requires" 380 grains to load, and it is common and acceptable to fish for and land 100lb tarpon on such a rod, yet a two weight at 80 grains (approximately 20% of the 12wt) would never be used for a 20lb tarpon, nor would it be considered ethical. Is there any relation or function between grain weights and target fish size? Logically it sounds like it would be a linear relation, but fly fishing knowledge suggests otherwise.