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Insurance Companies For Bikes

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HI, I got a quote yesterday for some bike insurance from my insurance broker and it was wow higher than i figured it would be. Not that i had a clue what the cost should be. She said she shopped it around to 5 different insurance companies.


General rule of thumb bikes are expesive to insure???? or should i shop it around some more myself ?


Any body got some names or bike insurance companies?


thanks, to all that may reply

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Thanks I'll check these two out. Heard from another co-worker to try Statefarm. I got quoted $2000 a year for full coverage on a 2009 Victory Vegas. 23 yrs no accidents and 1 speeding ticket 6 yrs ago. $2000 a year is making me rethink my midlife crisis,lol

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This issue with insurance for motorcycles is that its not usually a question of if you'll suffer a personal injury claim, but rather how serious your injuries will be.


The good news is that the chance of you injuring another driver is quite low. Most often only minor damage to the bumper. So third party liability should be lower.

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