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Heads up for Euro-nymphers

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Hey folks, 

No matter how everyone feels about the Euro-nymphing style, the technology has really evolved over the years.

I am not someone that calls out a specific brand or manufacturer, in fact I dislike doing it. In this case, I feel I must mention it, but I will not type the name. I will put up a blurred pic.

This leader was supposed to be 2X at 30 feet long, or 8.8lbs test. The leader comes with a double-colour sighter piece of mono integrated into the 'front' of the taper, along with a tippet ring. This sighter snapped off within two days of medium fish and a baby snag.

Second time, no heavy duty snag, just walking backwards to pull inline, bam! 2 feet up from the old sighters, again, no big deal, lost a couple flies. 

Today, I did have a fat 20+ Whitey on, then a big fish on with head shakes, but I'd since lost some of the leader already, hopefully I was truly into the 2X...? Nope, lost the whole works, including tippet rings, swivel, two beadhead flies and my sighter mono. The opaque white mono was visibly stretched from 2X to around a 4.5X close to the break. Geez,...I hate losing hooks in fish out there, but the whole rig? Barbless, and smaller...sigh. I was fishing with no drag and was alert for the strike(s). 

So, if you catch a fish with a bunch of euro gear in its mouth, my bad. I dislike this very much. Sorry folks. But, I didn't think I would have to worry about a friggin' 2x leader from a reputable manufacturer. I have had the same problem with opaque white mono from another manufacturer as well.  

Here we go:


As stated, every situation is different, but over the years. this opaque white mono is just wayyy toooo brittle methinks . I won't post about the other manufacturer. Oh well, nothing I can do, barbless and bigger (Sz 12) so hopefully this fish will be able to work out the hooks and strings. 





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