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Howdy! I have what I believe is a rare never used mint condition (as new) 2WT Titanium reel? ARI reel (spool sticker "made in Holland") is LHR and I want to convert it to RHR. I am not sure this is possible, but would like to explore the possibilities from knowledgeable sources. To be clear, the reel is NOT FOR SALE. Thank you! I would be happy to provide photos but I do not know how to post them as they are beyond the permitted file size (the 6 pics total 7.9 MB). [You can email me at david [at] jdavidwaldman.com for photos] Thanks!


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On 7/28/2023 at 10:45 PM, BowLurker said:

Run away....run AWAY!! It is SO full of 'watchmaker' style parts, that it bumps most fly reel techs.

In fact, I did a successful conversion myself with the help of several knowledgeable members: it took less than 10 minutes to go from LH --> RH and it works perfectly - no special tools needed and no surprises. ARI was visionary and his designs took into account ability to make most (if not all of his reels) easy to convert from LH--> RH and vice versa. No need to run away! Now I can use this beloved reel, and it no longer sits on my shelf as simply a work of art - it remains both a work of art as well as a highly utilitarian tool, to use as intended by ARI. 

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