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Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast - How Fly Rods are Designed, with Shawn Combs


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I get a lot of questions about how fly rods are designed and I think there are a number of misconceptions about where that new rod, like the Helios Blackout series, came from. Where did the idea come from? How is the design created? If you want a 9-foot, five-inch 5-weight rod, do you just add five inches to an existing rod design? I think you’ll be surprised at what goes into a new fly-rod design, and think you’ll enjoy peaking under the hood with a rod designer [41:04].

In the fly box this week, we have some great comments and questions, including:

A great explanation of the spirituality of fly fishing

When I move from one tailwater to another, my techniques don’t seem to work. What should I change?

My small stream fished well last year. This year the water is colder and higher. What should I do?

Is it OK to cut my fly line back if it’s cracked?

What would you do if you see trout in shallow, clear water and they are not rising?

Do you have any suggestions for detecting carp strikes in cloudy water?

Is there a largemouth fly that is as weedless as a rubber worm?

What flies do you recommend for bonnethead sharks?

A cool suggestion for adding a dropper fly

What organizations do you recommend if I care about climate change and the environment?

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