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I broke my 6wt. sink tip line late last fall on a rock. I can't remember what the line was but the fly shop set it up by cutting some of the tip off ~10 or 15 feet.  The line must have been 10 years old so a lot has changed since then.  I really dislike the line memory on the running line portion. I was using it to toss streamers from a boat.   I was thinking Orvis Bank Shot might be a good replacement and will probably give that a try.  I have an AirFlo SteamerMax WF7 with an 18' sink tip on my 8 wt rod and that seems a bit on the heavy side.  I should clip the the tip I think.  How do you decide how much to clip off a sinktip?

I noticed that Orvis has a new to me line: Power Pro Taper in a fancy black box  and is 190 dollars.  Does anyone have experience casting this line?  Is it any better than what's out there to justify the price?




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 Clip 5’ see if you like it, and start to dial it in with smaller clips, the rio big nasty is a pretty good line for medium weight sinking I have found.  I also run that streamer max short but haven’t clipped any of the sink tip portion where a friend has clipped it to a 13’

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