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Ceci Speech

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So how many of you took note of, his sly remarks.About possibly adding up to 2 dams between Calgary & the mountains[Bow Basin]..He claimed that is was all about flood mitigation for Calgary.I always believed there was more methodology to.There huge drawdowns ,K.Lakes & Ghost assessing these structures were part of it.They have gone against many suggestions for there so called Dry pond,west Springbank.Flooding valuable farm land.Rather than fllooding the Mclean creek area.Is part of there logic for this thinking.Flooding Mclean creek,then they have to find another area for these wknd warriors to destroy.Heck all the taxes gained from licences,OHV sales,fuel etc.Versus flooding out a few land rich farmers.Remember the 3 rivers project,water for the farmers...Getting really tired of winter

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