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Pink And Purple Are In?


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I've noticed a lot more pink and purple in flies these days. I even saw a recent Chernobyl Ant pattern with light purple foam that seems to be working really well.


What I'm wondering though, is why are they working? Is it because they are different from the typical flies the fish see? Do the colours annoy the fish enough to hit them for fun? Do the feminine colours draw out the females?


Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. I may try tying a few just for fun!



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With the amount of estrogen present in the Bow maybe the trout have changed their preference of color..... or maybe its the fly fishers who have changed..... I have found that a lot of the older patterns working just fine as they are seldom used.... give a light spruce fly a try one day you might be surprised.....

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Some species of emerging nymphs emit body gases which become trapped inside their mostly transparent nymphal cases. This creates buoyancy that causes the nymph to float up too the surface. These trapped gases create the color hues that trout cue in on.

There are many other examples of these color variations as well, such as the purplish black egg sacks of gravid females, wings which are formed from body fluids/gas excretions, to name a few. There is a species of mayflies that emerges in small numbers on the Bow, called "pink ladies" (Epeorus albertae). They are actually pink as the name implies.

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