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Honestly, i still believe in this..if you're purchasing your first or second rod, the money should go into the rod, not the reel (as much, by any means)...This will be my best setup i've ever had, and im also going to be taking it to NZ for a while, might as well get top notch for once haha. It's a balancing act as well, 2550 is nice and light, so will balance nicely on the rod


Point taken. You're off the hook ;) Sweet rig man...I've updated my Xmas list. Seriously though, I'm looking to buy a 4 wt here soon. I'll be asking for advice.

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I travel with a 2 piece and have never had a problem. Just goes in the over-size baggage section.


Ditto....Since all the hoo haa with 9/11, your hard pressed to carry on a rod no matter what the size (some airlines will let you pack it as a carry on here in Canada, but not if your leaving the country)..I travel every summer and never had a problem packing a 2pc tube or a 4 pc tube in oversided baggage or "sky-check".


Just a thought, may save you a little money..


I have a Z-Axis 5wt 2 pc your more than welcome to try out..

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Guest bigbadbrent

its not just the plane, hiking with a 4 is a lot easier then a 2, but we got lots of time!...


I've casted the 5, just not at a river haha, might have to take u up on that brown, eventually anyway

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