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Fly Shop Near Longview?


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I would think the Canadian Tire in Okotoks should have what basics you need.


Not sure that I'll ever buy fly fishing gear from Can Tire. This is why..


A few months back my coworker goes in to Can Tire to get some flies.. he asks that sporting goods worker if they carry San Juan Worms. The clerk was like "San Juam Worm? What's that? I've never heard of a San Juan Worm."

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Its not fair to expect a canadian tire employee to know ANY fly patterns..... near minimum wage and an entire world worth of sporting goods equipment.... most won't know the products they do have let alone the millions they don't...... I don't expect to much from the kids at big stores like that.... If my mechanic said "whats a catalytic converter?" I would be worried..... or if a climbing shop employee said "whats a carabiner?" I would maybe get gear somewhere else..... The trick is to never go to big stores like crappy tire unless you know what you want and where to find it..... Just my opinion

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