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  1. Hi,


    I live in Moncton and I can give you the low down on all the fishing prospects in NB.


    As I mentioned in another post, the salmon fishing on all the famous rivers (Miramichi, Restigouche etc.) is very tightly controlled by the Government (at least for the best stretches). It's a relatively complicated system based on different types of "crown reserve" licenses, all of which you must enter a draw and pay additional funds for (on top of your license). Regular reserve is a two day permit and you can only win once a year. Daily reserve is one day and you can win once a month.


    There is open salmon water too (the best being on the Nepisiquit near Bathurst), but typically it's the less attractive stretches. Sounds restrictive, but a necessary evil here as otherwise the people would kill every fish they could find (by any means) and then complain there is no fish! Unfortunately, the conservation mind-set of Alberta hasn't sunk in here.


    Lots of trout fishing too, but as you mentioned, it's really char fishing (brook trout). Average size of brookies in running water is probably 8 - 10". I've caught several 18's, but not lately. Season ends early (Sept 15) as they are fall spawners.


    Feel free to PM me if you want any more details.



  2. When I'm fishing a hopper-dropper and hook a small squirming fish on the hopper, I've got about a 50/50 chance I'll be wearing the dropper by the time I get him released. Worst is when you get hooked on the droppper, the fish flops back into the water with the dropper still attached, and then swims away with all his might, driving the dropper further into your hand.

  3. Hi All,


    I'll be in town (Calgary) the week of Oct 6 or Oct 20 for business, and I'll have one day "off". I've never fished the mountain streams past Sept 15. Is it still feasible to head out there for the day at that time of year, or would the day be better spent in town on the Bow? I think the mountain streams are open till Oct 15 (I'll have to double check my regs).




  4. Hi Clive,


    I witnessed the exact same thing on the Carbondale in July (although my pictures are not nearly as impressive as yours!). It was a very large Cutt sipping surface flies in a gin-clear pool that I spotted from the top of a cliff. He was coming into very shallow water not 3 feet from the shore/bank and did not seem afraid of anything. Just for curiousity sake, I gradually moved closer and closer (taking pictures) until I was within 1.5 rod lengths from him. Again, he did not appear concerned (or did not see me as I wearing green and keeping to the bushes). Just for curiousity again, I waited until he turned away from me and then flipped (it was a "cast" with not much more than my leader) my stimulator to just behind him. He must have heard it because he immediately turned back around and rose up and sipped it down. I couldn't believe it as I was standing right there in full view. I released him quickly and then stood to watch his behaviour for a while. He went under a little ledge for a couple of minutes, but in less than 5 minutes he was back sipping surface flies in full view and almost at my feet again! Very interesting fish and beautifully marked.



  5. Extra challenge I find is when fishing a hopper-dropper (dry on top, nymph on the bottom). You have to be ready for two scenario's..... a take on the nymph (in which case you can't set the hook quick enough) or a take on the dry (in which case you need to let him turn to go down). The advice used to be say "God save the Queen" really quickly, but I think that came from the Brits. Requires some intense concentration at times and sometimes it's difficult to tell whether movement/disappearance of the dry was a nymph-take or the dry.



  6. Hi Deek,


    I have this exact rod, and it's my go-to rod. Does it all..... enough backbone for chucking weighted streamers, good for double rigs like hopper-droppers or nymphs, and functions well with a single small dry. The action feels a little unusual at first (very stiff) but you will grow to like it. Only thing I don't like about mine is the tooling on the cork grip.... they got a little over-exuberant and left it too thin in the back half.


    As someone mentioned, I'm sure you can buy a better rod, but it's worth the money you pay for it. If you are getting one for $100 grab it! I paid $350.



  7. Neil,

    There are a lot of good angling opportunities in South/Central, AB to explore and the fishing has been sensational this season on most waters.

    The heat wave has let up temporarily this week with some much needed rain and things are looking good for continued bliss on the rivers.

    You should spend at least a couple of days on the Bow river if big hard fighting trout are of interest to you. You won't regret it this season.

    Enjoy your trip.

    ps. What part of NB are you from? I was b&r in Dalhousie.

    Thanks Toolman, good to hear you are getting some relief from the heat there.


    Been to Dalhousie a few times..... I'm from just down the road in Bathurst, now living in Moncton. After my trip last year I really envy you living that close to those great fish and that great country.

  8. Hi All,


    I wonder if I could ask for a little advice from the members of this forum? Last September I visited Alberta for the first time and fished the Livingstone/upper Oldman and Castle/Carbondale areas. Absolutely loved the fishing, scenery, and comraderie of fellow C&R fly fishers (I'm a bit of an oddity here in NB as one of a very few C&R trout fishermen... everyone thinks I'm nuts to release all my fish).


    I had planned a return visit August 16 - 23, and was going to spend the first 2 days exploring the Highwood/Cataract area and then the rest back on the Livingstone/Oldman/Castle/Carbondale (based out of the Pass). I see the FTR is closed in the latter areas, so I was wondering if the Highwood/Cataract area is enough to keep a guy busy for a whole week?(never been there before). Or perhaps there are equally stunning fishing opportunites in Central Alberta? Or perhaps I shouldn't come at all as the fish are too stressed now?


    Not looking for directions to anyone's hot spot, and all fish will be quickly released unharmed, but I would appreciate any advice. Feel free to PM if you prefer.


    My tickets are a real pain($$$) to change, but I could try to re-schedule for September if coming now is a really bad idea.


    Thanks to all,



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