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  1. 14 hours ago, Bron said:

    Got a pair of vibram recently. Surprised how good they are. Few studs and they will turn you into a tractor. 

    Leaving the old felts for the boat. 

    Could I ask what brand and model you got? I have a couple pair and even with studs they are barely keeping me up (and I'm too old to fall). 



  2. Can't decide whether the new River Basins website is accurate or not. For example, the chart below would indicate the Clearwater is very high and unfishable for this time of year. However, several of the feeder streams are charting normal. I've also seen some of the charts get "reset" a few days ago with the existing numbers revised. I think they may be visiting the sites and recalibrating the devices. 

    Does anyone have eyes on the Clearwater? Does the chart match what you are seeing?





    Clearwater River near Dovercourt | Yearly Graph

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  3. Hi WelshMike, 

    We've been having some problems with invasive species (whirling disease etc.) so just  a friendly reminder to thoroughly dis-infect your gear before coming over and then again when you leave (you don't want to bring anything back home either). Have fun and enjoy. 



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  4. I bought the Simms Freestones with the vibram soles and they were totally useless until I put the Simms Starcleats in them. Problem is, it cost another $50-60 for the cleats and I"ve already had one come out. The rest are all loose but so far haven't fallen out. Contacted Simms and followed their instructions to re-install them putting Aquaseal on the threads and they just came loose again. They want me to ship them the boots (at my expense) to see if there is a defect, but I think I'm just going to consider it a lost investment. 

  5. If these diseases are contained in mud I question why I just switched from felt boots to vibram. These vibram soles pick up tons of mud (that my felt did not). The soles dry faster but they are caked in mud. They are also useless without cleats and the cleats pack in even more mud. Looks like you've got to thoroughly clean and dry regardless of your boot choice.

  6. I concur with Northfork re the logging trucks. After being literally run off the road into the bushes several times (while they blast past throwing rocks in a blackout cloud of dust), I had to start "playing chicken" with them in order to complete my trip. I stayed on their side of the road when I saw one coming and forced him to slow down before ducking over to my side of the road at the last minute. That worked, but I won't go back on that road.

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  7. I have never posted a report and don't see the point in it. I don't think you are helping any newbies by posting reports or photos and you sure aren't helping the fish or the environment. Each year pressure increases and they aren't making any new rivers. I fear that fly fishing is becoming the new "cool" thing to do and the true meaning is lost. I just spent the afternoon cleaning up my "secret" camp site which was full of bottles,cans, ping pong balls? and burnt camping chairs. I always carry garbage bags with me and ran out. I find this form useful for sharing info on technique and gear. If the reports and grip and grin sections were deleted I wouldn't miss them.

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  8. Sorry, but a number of things don't add up here and I totally disagree with the light sentences. I think the plea is a weakly concocted cop-out and I am disappointed the court fell for it.


    (1) These guys knew enough to buy licences (and somehow afforded them).

    (2) The articles mention "license plates" (plural) of the offender's vehicles (again plural) being taken down when reporting them. So they obviously not only could afford multiple vehicles, but also the gas money to drive multiple vehicles all the way from Lethbridge. My understanding is that the plea was based on financial/sustenance needs........doesn't seem to make financial sense to spend all that money for a few dinners, plus wouldn't you all crowd into one single vehicle to minimize the expenses if that was the case?

    (3) This really worries me because either they are lying about the sustenance angle or they've actually done this enough times to make it worth their while financially. Either way, a life-time ban on fishing along with proper restitution (doesn't have to be money.... clean up the river) would have been more appropriate to go along with that fine.


    I wasn't at the trial so If I've misinterpreted the newspaper articles in any way I apologize.



  9. I always take my golden retriever in the mountains with me. She's very well trained (will sit, lay down and stay even if I walk out of sight until called). However, some people may perceive her as aggressive as she will bark at any approaching angler (until she sniffs them and then she's their best friend). She does this to provide me with a warning. Her tail is always wagging though, even when she's barking so she doesn't fool most people.

  10. I know these boots are popular with a lot of guys.


    I've worn mine on 4 or 5 days and I always end up going back to my 20 year old Freestones the next trip. The G3 feels like I'm walking flat-footed (like there is very little lift in the heel) and I feel like I walking in a pair of ski boots which transmits all the stress up to my knees and hips. Doesn't seem to be getting any better.


    Do these take a really long time to break in?




  11. It's not just the Livingston..... it's every river and creek in Alberta. I can't think of a single one I've been on that isn't scarred by ATV tracks that lead to fire-rings filled with tin-foil and empty beer cans.


    I've taken pictures and emailed the ministry in the past and met with no action. Maybe the new NDP government will be different on environmental issues. Please send these in to the Minister and demand action. If you aren't comfortable doing that let me know and I will do it (don't want to copy your images without permission).


    At our Trout Unlimited meeting we had what I thought was a good idea to compliment enforcement. Make up flyers clearly explaining what is unacceptable/illegal and pass them out at the various quad villages. CO's could also do the same and setup check-stops where they hand them out. Then nail any violators to the fullest extent of the law.


    Problem is, I had a CO tell me that the law is rather vague and that ATV's are allowed to cross a water body but not traverse up and down the stream bed. That means they could cross back and forth all day. If that is true (and I don't have a written copy of the law so I don't know) then it needs to be strengthened.




  12. Anybody else wondering where mountain runoff is?


    Been here 5 years and I'm sure runoff is usually is full flood by now. Keep waiting for it.... but nothing.


    Has there ever been a year where the snow pack is so low that you don't really get a runoff? Or perhaps a very abbreviated runoff?




  13. I have sent pictures of quads in the middle of prairie creek to Dianna McQueen twice and was told to call the local enforcement so they can catch in the act. Apparently the "law" states they can cross anywhere....just can't drive up and down. Not much of a law and unenforceable without agents in the field. They need officers on atv in the woods IMHO (or put real laws in place).

  14. Here is the email address for Dianna McQueen (Minister of Environment and SRD) that is listed on her website:




    I strongly urge those who are concerned to contact her and voice the above sentiments. Personally, for me, it's not just about the Livingstone but about a proper management strategy for the natural resources (particularly those in close proximity to trout streams) in the entire province. Putting restrictions on the Livingstone will just force these activities elsewhere. What we really need is containment of the destructive behaviours and strict enforcement of responsible activities in the remaining areas. If we had more COs and they handed out fines and confiscated property, things would change quickly. But they need laws to enforce. At present there is very little they can do as there are few laws to enforce.


    Here is the website for Dianna McQueen in case anyone would like it:





  15. You need to go to the top to get anything done.


    I have contacted the Minister of SRD (Dianne McQueen) in the past about these same types of issues. Of course I got the standard lip service in return, but numbers speak to to politicians as they know each is a vote so I urge others to add their voices. The problem with simply trying to go somewhere else to fish is that we are running out of "else's" to go to. Alberta is quickly becoming one big motocross track with absolutely no limits or law enforcement imposed on these people. Not all of them disrepect the environment, but a large number of them do as it witnessed by the trash left around their campsites and the ripped-up countryside. I talked to a CO who told me it is not illegal for them to cross any stream as long as they go directly across. That law is obviously far too lax and virtually unenforceable, which means it's open season.


    Here's what I urged the Minister to do:


    (1) Designate certain areas (preferably those areas they have already ruined) as ATV/Motocross bike areas and let them have at them. The rest of the province would be off-limits to the motocross crowd.


    (2) Put officers on ATVs to patrol the off-limit areas and give them the mandate to clean this up by firm enforcement of the law. Without officers on ATVs it is virtually impossible to catch these guys. Other provinces have patrols of officers in the woods every single day and they hand out tickets and confiscate property (NB for example).


    I was on the Livingstone lately and was shocked to see that it was overrun with bikes too. They were crossing streams, ripping up the countryside and then washing their bikes in the river afterwards. At night there were fireworks (powerful fireworks that could easily set a fire) and shotguns going off all over the place. The next day while walking through some of these ATV/motocross camps to get to the river I saw the spent tubes of fireworks, shotgun shells and garbage all over the place. We picked up a half gargage bag of cans, bottles, and general garbage over the weekend and didn't make a dent in it.


    And before someone remarks that not all ATV guys fit the above profile... you are correct. However, there is a disproportiately large number of people in that crowd that do.


    Without some laws with teeth and enforcement behind them, we will just see Alberta continue to be ripped up.




  16. Thats the line I got from a guy I saw on the Livingstone just above the bridge on the long weekend. I was immediately suspicious as he sure didnt look like anyone the Government would hire (long hair down to his waist, beard, white Gilligan hat). He also had a spinning rod with some sort of white jigging lure on it which didnt seem right. So, I stood and watched him and he immediately hooked a fish. Theres one now he says. I quietly informed him that he had a cutthroat trout on the end of his line, not a bull trout, and asked if he shouldnt know the difference if he was working for the Government. We just measure these ones and put them back he says. Then he asks Do you have a measuring tape?. Another red flag. Shouldnt you have a measuring tape if youre taping fish for the Government? Also, I informed him the river was C&R and that all fish had to be put back; especially the bull trout. I have markers on my fly rod at 12 and 16 inches so I quickly measured the cutthroat for him and made sure he put it back. I stood watching him for a while, but had to move on, so I took a picture of him just in case. Unfortunately the picture turned out blurry (my crappy new camera)and doesnt show any detail.


    He seemed to have someone with him above that he referred to as Jim, and after I moved on he yelled out were having tuna tonight Jim!. I think Jim was driving a white Dodge Dakota truck.


    I flagged down a conservation officer the next day (only one I saw all weekend) and asked if they had anyone doing a survey in the area. He took my email addr and just got back to me saying no one was doing a survey. I sent him the picture I took, but its too poor to identify the guy.


    The guy was very scrawny, about 40 - 45, long dark hair to his waist, black beard, wearing a white Gilligan style hat. If you see him out fishing, you might want to keep an eye on him.





  17. Speaking of measuring fish, I tape small markers onto my rods at key points (12", 16", 20") and that way I can quickly lay the rod alongside the fish for a quick measurement while the fish revives in the water. I just use scotch tape and yellow sticky note paper, and it doesn't seem to negatively affect the action of the rod.


    I realize it's not rocket science, but I think it helps me to get the fish back much quicker. Especially the big ones that always pique your curiosity for a measurement.



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