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  1. Hey there, nope it's for myself. No money involved. I recently had a bad experience booking a guide, and am genuinely interested in developing a marketplace solution (think AirBnB for guides). I am asking these questions simply to validate the idea. No money exchanges. Not paid research. Just looking to hear other's experiences.
  2. Fair...Gotta start somewhere, right? I am genuinely interested in improving the marketplace. With that said, I appreciate your feedback. Maybe I should pair it down?...... Tell me about the last time you purchased fly-fishing guide services....did you experience any problems?...
  3. Hi all, my name is Pat and I am doing research into improving the fly fishing marketplace. If you could answer the questions below I would greatly appreciate your input! Feel free to message me your responses if you would prefer. There are no right or wrong answers. I'm purely looking to hear your feelings and thoughts about your experience purchasing fly-fishing guide services. Background Info: Okay, so to start us off, can you tell me a little about yourself....How old are you? What region do you live in? How often do you fish? Question #1: Tell me about the last time you purchased fly-fishing guide services... Question #2: What tools or services did you use to evaluate the guide before purchasing their services? Question #3: Did you experience any problems in the purchase process? Question #4: What could be done to improve the purchase process? Thanks for the consideration. I look forward to hearing about your experiences!
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