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  1. Hi everyone the Hook and Hackle is hosting a Casting Day on June 9th and 10th. Sorry for the late post, however there are limited seats! Please let me know or contact Susan directly (simbs@shaw.ca). There are some fantastic instructors attending : Ruben Breitkreutz Ruben is a Certified Casting Instructor with Fly Fishers International. He has taught flycasting for years and is skilled and proficient in both single-handed and spey casting. He teaches both in Canada and the United States and is a frequent and in demand instructor at many casting events and for many casting organizations. Ruben is a manufacturer’s representative for Rio, Sage and Reddington. Ruben taught the spey classes at last years Casting Day and received rave reviews from participants. We are delighted to have Ruben join us again this year for a day of single-handed casting on Saturday and a day of Spey Instruction on Sunday. Jim and Lynda McLennan Jim and Lynda began fly fishing together in the 1970s. Married since 1977, they have operated McLennan Fly Fishing full time since 2004, and in that time have taught thousands of people the fine art of fly fishing. Jim was one of the first fly-fishing guides on Alberta’s Bow River, and is a well-known outdoor writer and speaker. He is the author of four books on fly fishing and is the managing editor of Fly Fusion magazine. Jim is also co-host, along with Derek Bird, of Fly Fusion Television, a series broadcast on the World Fishing Network. Lynda was a founding director of Casting For Life, a fly-fishing retreat for breast cancer survivors, and has been teaching flyfishing in various formats since the 1980s. In 2006 the McLennans were invited to represent Alberta’s fly-fishing community at the Smithsonian’s Folklife Festival in Washington, D.C. Jim and Lynda have joined us as Casting Instructors for all Casting Days to date. They have received rave reviews from members and non-members alike. Read more about Lynda and Jim at their website http://www.mclennanflyfishing.com/ Walter Simbirski Walter Simbirski is a Master Casting Instructor with Fly Fishers International. He has been in love with fishing for most of his life and is passionate about flyfishing. Walter has taught many classes for organization in Alberta and in Montana at the Fly Fishers International annual fishing fairs. He taught sessions for the first two Casting days with great reviews. Walter joins us for the afternoon casting day sessions. Allard van Everdingen Allard is a Certified Casting Instructor with Fly Fishers International. He has been an avid fly caster for years and enjoys time fishing with family and friends. Allard has also been a member of the Calgary Hook and Hackle Club for years and is teaching classes this summer at several fly shops and with Walter Simbirski. Allard brings to our Casting Day enthusiasm and expertise. This is Allard’s second year as an instructor with our casting days and we look forward to his participation again. He received rave reviews for his instruction last year. Hook and Hackle Casting Days 2018 for Website (2).docx
  2. what time is it going to be open from and till? it doesn't really say
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