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Pitt River

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Just a note about the Pitt River outside of Vancouver, the Environment Minister has put the Kibosh on a planned hydroelectric project for the river. That was rather cool because it is a beautiful river with runs of Salmon, Steelhead and just about every species of trout that occurs on the westcoast. I guess that's what happens when the minister is a former Park Warden. If only we could get that kind of insight here in Alberta

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That is good news...however,the governments of the day will deflect the pressure to another location/s to protect their pension plans . Having Balls is about doing the right thing and paying the dues to get it done. I am afraid the Island is destined for some very serious fights about these IPP's. There is much work being done in the remotest of locations without pryimg eyes!


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I think in particular it turns out the minister decided not to grant the IPP consortium a change to the park charter in the area so they have no way to run their power out above ground. In order to get it they would not have to bury the cabling down alongside the river and then under the lake.


The local community really rallied behind getting this stopped. It's nice to see community activism actually work once in a while.



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