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Free Alberta CAF Veterans Resident Sportfishing Licence - How to void your Auto Renewal Resident Sportfishing Licence

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As a veteran, I was pleased to find out about the free Alberta CAF Veteran Resident Sportfishing License. I  thought because we now have a digital WIN card and a digital License it would be easy to get a refund for my Resident Sportfishing License purchased through their auto renewal program.  Unfortunately there are a few hoops you have to jump through first in order to get your free AB Veterans Sportfishing License.

If like me,  you were on the auto renewal system and you’re a Veteran, after contacting the Alberta Fish & Wildlife district office, the following is what you have to do:

  1. Print out your digital Resident Sportfishing License
  2. Take the license to your local AB Fish and Wildlife office and fill out the form for voiding a license

(The Admin office will then send the form and printed license  to AB Licensing who will process your refund))

  1. Once the void and refund is complete you can then go online to purchase your AB CAF Veteran Resident Sportfishing License.
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I have been through this and just to add a bit and clarify, one does not "purchase" the AB Resident Veteran's license. From the webpage one must enter the preferred military identication (spelled out in the regs).

Hard lesson, I entered my CF1 card first hoping to follow with the ND75 but upon entering the first number the system cut me loose. My AB Resident Veteran's Fishing license is now my CF1 card.

Why is this a drag? Because the CF1 card is not visible on the phone app. The phone app is now blank. (I have been refunded my license fee of $29.40) This means a veteran must carry photo id and the CF1 card when fishing. The app is rendered useless for a veteran. Too bad because the digital provincial license was a very smart idea. Carrying a phone is a good idea for a bunch of reasons, and it used to be all I carried. Now I need a couple of cards in addition.

Further, the regulations for AB state a WIN card is not required for under 16 over 65, but it makes no statement for a veteran.

I was one of the campaigners for this benefit to veterans and I am most pleased it has come through for all of us. However, it is a bit of a SNAFU and in my opinion not really fit for purpose.


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After I received my refund, I entered my CAF ID and then I  had to go to the purchase page on the website and place the CAF Veterans Resident Sportfishing License into the cart and checkout. Even though the dollar amount is zero they still need the completed transaction in order to have the license show up in the APP. Yes you do need to have your veterans ID with you when you fish but you probably should carry ID with you anyway in case your phone or you fall in the water.

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