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Tying Video, Live To A Projector?

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Looking for a simple way to get live video up onto a big screen for tying demos. A buddy is going to be leading a few of us through some ties over the next little while, and I thought it would be nice if we could see what he's doing without us all being huddled around his vice. I was thinking perhaps a peripheral webcam connected to a laptop, but not sure how regular webcams typically do on closeup stuff. I haven't figured out how to get either of my digital cameras (Canon G15 and Olympus TG-4) to output their screens... seems to be some online stuff related to doing it with DSLRs but not so much with p&s cameras.

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I don't think you'll find a p&s that'll do it. With DSLRs and some mirrorless cameras it's mostly so that a client can see what the photographer is capturing during a shoot. I don't think the folks who post tying videos on YouTube are using much more than a webcam so that should be ok. I think when Dave Bloom was tying at the Lethbridge show last year they were using the webcam from a Macbook Pro to project onto the big screen and it looked fine. I'd be willing to bet the webcam resolution will be better than the projector resolution.

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