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Maybe it fell under the following, but if u PM the admin's I'd say you probably could get the OK to post what you had up... I can't see it harming anything...


Here's the bit


"Do not use the FlyFishCalgary.com forum features to sell or trade articles or services as a business entity. While users may wish to buy, sell and trade items through Private 'For Sale' areas, these areas are for use by individuals only. Any 'business' wishing to offer product for sale should contact the FlyFishCalgary.com administrators via Personal Message or Email and request the right to sell or advertise merchandise through the web site."


hope that helps

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Hey Sanjuanworm, I apologize if you thought I was trying to encourage people to leave your site and join mine. Thats not what I said at all. You have a nice site here and I'm not trying to persuade anyone to stop participating on your site! When Im after fly fishing info for the calgary area, this is where I come. I never asked anyone to join in on my discussion board, I just asked if anybody passionate about sharing fishing reports or interested in exposure for their guiding operation would like to contribute reports for Alberta on my site. This would be made possible via an online reporting template that we provide for our writers, not by posting in a forum. I just moved here from Victoria and I thought it would be cool to have current reports for Alberta like we have done for BC. You will always have a better site for fly fishing information in the calgary area. FishTactics.com is not trying to "compete" with you as we are not trying to specialize in any one area like you have done. We want to grow to cover north america, new zealand, you name it. We will never appeal to the niche fly fishing market in calgary because there are better more specific sites out there like this one. If you thought my post was as conflict of interest, I understand and enough said. I just wanted to make myself clear that I was in no way trying to encourage people to not use your site.



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