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I've been talking to Courtney Ogilvie from Vancouver Island, and he and his wife Val are planning on being in Calgary the weekend of May 23rd and 24th. He would like to put on an open Spey Workshop/Demo day on the Sunday (24th), focus on light weight (trout) spey rods, switch rods and spey casting with the singlehand rod. This would be a day long event with plenty of opportunity to try out some differnt outfits or fine tune one that you already have. I know a lot of guys on here have had a chance to cast with Courtney both at the expo and on his home waters on Vancouver Island and you know how good he is at getting things to work for you. As well Val will be there to work with any of the ladies that are interested or already into Spey casting.


I'll be updating location and timing over the next little while, as well there is an opportunity for some small class/private lessons on the Saturday, and maybe some tying demo's if we can find an appropriate location.




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Yes...we are excited to be coming back to Calgary this Spring to see you all and the many new casters wanting a few answers and tips. We have seen so many great newcomers showing such passion and interest. This year we will bring along the new Beulah Onyx Spey, Opal Surf rods,Platinum Spey and Switch rods along with an abundance of Vision products,Mystic Switch and Spey rods and of course for the very serious Steelhead or Atlantic Salmon fly fisher the just released Snowbee Geo Nano Spey and Switch rods...wow

Of course we will also have along some new lines,heads and competition spey lines...

It might also be a good time to announce that another Calgarian ,Tyler Gariepy has joined our Beulah team ..push these guys and find out why Beulah has such a strong and loyal following...nothing like them!

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My wife and I are currently returning from Sherbrooke Quebec (Waiting for the plane)and their very interactive and inviting Spey forum...I would like to see the Calgary/Alberta fly casters get into promoting these great events . I am still not sure where the clinic will be located but will soon. This week we will try to get the info up and into everyones hands. During the Saturday clinic and workshops we will have lots of gear available to try and play with...interactive instruction in all the modern Spey casts and rods. On Sunday we will have Private instruction available to 6 persons only....all youth under 17 are free.

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So heres the info I have so far.


Free workshop and get together- Saturday May 23rd 10am til 2:30pm at the Glenmore trail Boat Launch (we will be upstream of the bridge as to stay out of people launching their boats way).


Private workshops, max 6 persons each.- Sunday May 24, 9 to 12 and 1 to 4. message Courtney (Islandguy) for more info on these.



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I am really looking forward to getting back to the Calgary area after not being there for a few years now.. anybody wanting to get into these private lessons please email or PM ...

so you know we will have with us the 14'7" Vision Cult Two hander that took best rod in the 15 foot range over all others...and it certainly deserves this recognition

also along will be some new Vision Tank Reels, Renfors, Rulla ,,a complete range of new Beulah Aero ,Elixir and tonic heads, Vision Ace Clear Float Scandi heads and so on

tight lines

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Damn, missed it by a day. I guess i'll have to wait till May. Thanks!


Edit: For those interested




Looks to be a seminar where you can demo the latest products.


Saw this too.




Focus: BC Style (Pacific North West) Spey Casting Techniques– Skagit
– Scandi
– West Coast Spey (spey line head length up to 55 -58 ft)
– Line Selection & Rod/Line Matching
– Mending Techniques



Both look good but i was looking for someone who could help me out with some single hand spey stuff.

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