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  1. dmac111

    Reelflies Review

    In my opinion Icky's quality and customer service is way better. Regardless of how this all went down after receiving the last order it would have been my last anyways.
  2. dmac111

    Reelflies Review

    A phone call stating what had happened? Not just an unexpected visa charge... I have never seen a company just charge a credit card without calling the customer. I run a business myself, and I would never do something like that. Business ethics, to me it was very unprofessional. However you want to run your business I guess... You and Steve seem to be the same.
  3. I figured everyone could use a good laugh or a head shake. I ordered some flies back on the 21st of March, hits was my second attempt with reelflies.ca. First order came with some flies that were missing stick on eyes and a couple other that I just didn't like the quality. No big deal, I left a review, they sent me out new ones. Second order I thought everything went smooth... flies came, they were ok, I was happy. Today I check my credit card statement to find a charge from reelflies in London Ontario... Me, confused... I call Visa, they tell me to call the company. Fair enough, I reached out to reelflies to see what the mix up was. Apparently I missed that they had posted a credit on my account on the March 24th, my mistake, no problem. I said to Steve a phone call would have been appreciated before someone charged my credit card just to explain the charges. I told him that this was pretty frustrating... Here is his response. "You were on Hayley's list to call today. Normally these transactions take more than 24 hours to show so she was surprised to hear from you before she called. You obviously have a very efficient statement/transaction reminder. Unfortunately we also didn't receive a call from you on the 24th or at any point later letting us know that you had received a full refund by mistake? That way we could have rectified it without a month's delay. I do agree that a call first should have been the way forward may have been smoother for all. I have actually just arrived back in my office 5 minutes before receiving your email having been on vacation for the past week and got this immediately. Either way we have only charged you once for the goods you received, our system automatically reconciles transactions. Hayley did not think you would have any issues what so ever" So apparently it was my fault for not noticing the credit and I could have saved all this trouble. I was just very surprised to see a charge on my online statement today... and was even more shocked after this response from Steve. Lesson leant... I will be sticking with icky from now on. I have NEVER had an issue with any of their orders.
  4. Good day all. I'm getting a little more into fly fishing this year so I broke the bank and picked up some good waders and boots. I went with the simms g3 stocking foot, I bought them at bass pro. The only sizes they had were basic, M, L. The medium was way too snug, and with the large I find to have a lot of room in the chest and hip area. I have never tried on a MK... What I'm wondering is how much room should one have? If I wear my simms exstream jacket under these waders I have a little room to spare, so I'm worried if I go to the MK that it may be too snug. I just want to ask you pros out there and get you knowledgeable opinion....how much room should you really have?