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  1. I've bought a couple from The Fishin Hole too, they generally seem to have them in stock.
  2. I just got home today from a fly in trip to Northern Saskatchewan for pike and lakers. My cheap/crappy pliers/wire cutters fell apart on me on the second day so I switched to running 40# fluoro for bite tippet. Worked great the rest of the day, but the next morning I lost 3 out of the first 5 pike with this setup so I switched to the pre-built wire clasp style pike leaders that you see in all the stores. This worked alright but had two come apart on me at the knot attaching the wire tippet to the leader. Tracked down some nail clippers from a guy in our group and went back to building my own leaders in a similar but shorter style described above by Scel, except I just use a non-slip loop knot and replaced the wire tippet as I wore it down from pike bites and changing flies. This was my first trip up there focusing on using the fly rod for pike and I definitely think the extra work involved in building my own leaders with wire tippet was worth it. Didn't have any failures with that setup.
  3. FC should be open April 1st as far as I know. Last floated on Monday and we were still dragging the boat over the ice at Police, although it was down to about half of that slack water pool.
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