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  1. Moral (maybe legal) question: Is it still ok to be fishing on the rivers that are open in the world of social/physical distancing, particularly in areas with few people near the river? I'm in the Cochrane area, and there are lots of places away from public paths/walkways available. What about traveling to other destinations (ex. Crowsnest) as the weather warms up, if it ever does? What are others thinking/doing these days?
  2. A question about interpretation of the 2017 regulations as it pertains to the Bow River, in particular in the Cochrane area where I live. In past years the river between the Ghost and Bearspaw dams has been closed from Nov. 1 -March 31. With the new regs the river is to be open all year. When do these regs take force? For instance, could I go down to the river today (March 26) and fish legally with my 2016 licence, which expires on March 31/2017? Or would I need a new 2017 licence? Or do these new regs not take force until April 1? I'm not sure I will have time in the next week, but wit
  3. Am headed into Skoki Lodge in Banff this coming weekend, and am interested in doing a few hours of fishing. Any info. I could get about which lakes to consider, flies/tactics to use would be much appreciated. Have never fished in this area. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Is it posible to get a Parks licence anywhere in Calgary? If so, where? I can't seem to find a way to get one on-line anywhere from Parks Canada. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. An update on my original post. I emailed Kananaskis information about the plans for the Powderface Trail and just got a response today, indicating that as of right now the plan is to open the road on May 15. Good news. Just hope it actually happens.
  6. Has anyone heard anything regarding the possibilities/plans for the opening of the Powderface Trail road?
  7. I'm heading to Montana in a week and plan to do some backcountry fishing. Are there any issues or procedures I need to know about in terms of taking bear spray across the American border? Any advice or experience you could share would be much appreciated. I don't want to get in any hassles with US customs. They tend to be pretty serious about things. Thanks in advance.
  8. Not really a fly fishing issue, but I'd appreciate any advice/info. I could get. I'm going to Puerto Vallarta in mid-February with my family, and my fifteen year old son and I are interested in a day of fishing. It doesn't really make financial sense to charter a boat just for the two of us, but I found a couple of companies which offer trips where you sign on as individuals. I'd appreciate any info./advice from anyone who has done a trip this way. How was it? Pros? Cons? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
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