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  1. Freestone those look tasty, are you joining them with fishing line?
  2. Oh crap.... Rambling without reading again!!! Fly Tying!! I use a converted aluminum case for valve grinding engines. Basically it's a slip out tool box that stores enough for leaving home base. Sorry for the ramble.
  3. I bought a used Simms hip bag for $40 on the forum and haven't looked back since. It stores a nymph box streamer box all my tipper hangs and the dries go in their own boxes in the front pocket. I put a large split ring through the shoulder strap at the right position for my mag release net to hang from. Very compact and carries often more than needed. simms headwaters sling pack, I have an older one but wouldn't change it
  4. Great stone tie, I use the folded elk hair for my caddis' but never thought of using it on the stonefly
  5. Some of the base staples that I use on the bow and are quite easy to tie are: Prince nymph Waterboatmen Copperjohn Hares ear Elk hair caddis Stimulator Buggers There are some great books at the library that will give you recipes as well google top 10 bow flies and it will give you a good list. Lots of these can have substituted materials and get the same effect. You should check out fish tales they have good lessons
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