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  1. Bear 71

    my dad helped make this. He works for the NFB
  2. Fly Fishing Film Ticket Giveaway

    Count me in please
  3. More Cuttthroats

    Mind Sharing where that wonderful looking place is I'm going to be doing some camping but still looking for a nice area to stay by and do some fishing. If you don't want to share I'll understand if you do though please PM me I'd really appreciate it.
  4. New To Calgary

    Congrats on the fish! hope theres many more to come. what you said about them taking "substantial" bugs off the surface was probably stoneflys try a big foam stonefly pattern (there are some good ones at wholesale sports) don't worry if the rises aren't constant I've caught fish this way when there haven't been any risers at all. a couple nights ago there were a bunch of caddis hatching so it might be worthwhile to keep that in mind to. tight lines
  5. Is There A Pond For Kids In Calgary

    Looked on google maps correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it a fair distance out of Calgary?
  6. Poachers At Policemans Flats

    I have the RAP number after I saw a couple douchebags leave a big rainbow dead on the shore I told them bait fishings illegal and they aid they knew that I was sure they we're using bait and barbs but they sure packed up quick brought the rainbow home and filleted him I hate seeing it go to waste have the number in my phone ever since can't wait till I catch them again I'll call right away they'll get what they deserve
  7. Ideal Weight For The Bow?

    6 is the way to go
  8. What To Use?

    woolly bugger, san juan worm, bow river bugger, zonker, hares ear nymph,
  9. Do You Save Money Tying Your Own Flies?

    with flies costing a $1.69 at wholesale you definatley don't save money but I recently got into fly tying and like it much better than just picking the flies out if the bins plus you can create any fly you want and when it catches a fish there will be more satisfaction that you did it with something you made
  10. Sentimental?

    those are some great photos!!!
  11. Bow River: The Rising

    nice video I like the FPF (first person fisher) view
  12. Gettin Someone Else Into Fishing

    I recently got a new rod and want to give my old one to my younger brother (he's 12) so that he can start fly fishing but I want to get him started somewhere where he's almost guaranteed to catch a few fish. I know that's kinda hard for a newbie to do at this time of year what with the lakes all frozen but I would really appreciate anyone's advice about good places be it frozen over or not. Thanks
  13. I recently got a new rod and I want to give my old one to my younger brother so that he can start fly fishing (he's 12) but I want to be able to get him started in a place where he's almost guaranteed to catch a few fish I know there aren't that many places like that in the winter what with all the lakes being frozen but if anyone has any suggestions even if the place is currently frozen over it would be greatly appreciated
  14. Blue Trout

    never heard of blue trout but sounds to me there a bit like silver pike just kind of a colour mutation thats my guess or maybe some sort of thing that it inherits certain traits from it's parents.