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  1. Trailing Hooks

    Awesome, Thanks for all the info.
  2. Trailing Hooks

    What do you guys use for trailing hooks in flys? How do you attach them to the main hook. I want to add a hook to the tail of my buggers and zonkers. Any videos on the web? Thanks
  3. What Are You Tying?

    Holy smokes Some great flys...... I have so much to learn.
  4. Will This Catch Anything?

    Good thing i'm not drunk cuz i would have pissed myself laughing. LOL that is funny
  5. Allen Fly Reels

    Let us know what you think. They look wicked.
  6. 2011 Best Tips

    #333 Life is too short not to flyfish #334 Life is too short not to hunt
  7. Best 3 Or 4 Wt, Small Stream Rod

    I bought a midge and like it. Pieroway is now makeing the 3wts and they are sick. If i was buying i'd go Pieroway. They are awesome guys and the service is fantastic. Local too.
  8. Waders

    The sonic pros look wicked. double layered legs and seat. look durable.
  9. Waders

    Are high end waders (simms, redington sonic pro, ect?) worth the money? Are they more durable then the cheaper light weight breathables? i'm rocking a pair of Caddis's with duct tape. i ran into some hidden barbed wire crashing through the rocks and bush near frank Lake crow river.
  10. Hey guys. Wondering if you can offer any suggestions for float tubes. I have two boats and do a lot of walk and wade after june 15 so i wont be using it a lot. I want a quick easy one man rig that i can get use. What should i be looking for? Any do's or don'ts? I have been realling looking into a Caddis Pro 2000 that i see on Ebay for $110... thinking it can't hurt. http://images.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http...%26tbs%3Disch:1