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  1. We are way off topic now, but first off, nice fish you caught there on te Red Deer and yeah...I will be thinking of that fish a long while. As for technique, in short, the fish was caught in dirty water fishing slow and low, swinging small streamers – really nymphing two size 8 Bow River Buggers, about 0.5m apart with a small bit of lead between and above the flies to get them down. I use lead strips. I also employ a sink tip line. Honestly, this is usually my last resort. It is effective, but I would rather see fish chase and attack a big ugly streamer stripped fast. The problem has been the fish seem to be staying down and deep in well formed, stable habitat and not particularly making much effort to chase down food. Nymphing is something I prefer to leave until nothing else works. That being said, it is by far the most productive in most situations. Nymphing streamers or swimming them slowly along the bank and bottome is a stellar technique that everyone should employ, especially if other techniques aren’t working. You can't be afraid to lose flies. Tight Lines.
  2. Ok. Maybe that link only works on iPhones or something. My Instagram page is: http://www.instagram.com/houseabe Thanks for the comments and info.
  3. Ha ha. I can think of better spots. I caught my largest bow river trout last week 27.5". http://instagram.com/houseabe See photos.
  4. Better call them. But I would assume you need to bring everything to fish.
  5. It is free. Adults can fish too. I think it is intended to be a teaching pond.
  6. Has anyone taken their kids to the fish pond at the Bow Habitat Station? Is there enough room to take a fly rod or spin rod only. Thanks, Abe.
  7. This is really interesting discussion. It's great to see passion for the sport and protection of the resource. As a person who makes honest mistakes now and then, and who get's tickets for everything, I hope officers use discretion when issuing fines. I would feel pretty angry if an officer felt my flies still had barbs even though I try hard to smooth them down as much as possible. Sometimes the barb will snap when pinching it down and without meticulous filing, they will still catch denim or a fine mesh net - something I have noticed recently (as a bit of a newbie). I would buy more barbless hooks if they were available to solve this issue. After this discussion, I may have to go through my boxes to see if any bought flies still have barbs on them (likely). I think and hope officers will recognize those who generally care about the fish and the sport and those who are breaking the law on purpose. That being said, if you forget to pinch a barb, find yourself fishing in a prohibited area... - you should suck it up, recognize you made a mistake and broke the law and happily pay the fine which pays for the officer's time and resources necessary to enforce the rules of fishing and protect fish in AB.
  8. Hello to all. I'm heading to New Brunswick in a couple of weeks. I will head out to fish some trout streams with an old friend of 90 years - he's showing me his old favourites. I'm wondering if any of you folks are from the east and can suggest some favourite flies that I should tie up or seek out. I think I can use weighted flies in inland waters so long as I am not fishing for Atlantic Salmon. If I am lucky, I may get some salmon fishing iaction too on the Miramichi and some trout/bass fishing on Lake Oromocto or the St. John River. Any suggestions or advices is very welcome and appreciated. Thanks.
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