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  1. I just checked out the site, extremely cheap prices. I tie myself, these costs don't cover material. Never mind time???????????????????
  2. Yes I use one, they are sized accordingly to the boat size. I have a yammy 20 hp 4 stroke that trolls too fast. It works great.
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    No budget, still looking for advice for the 8 weight. I have a sage 8010? Reel I use on my Spey outfit, will this suffice?
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    Thanks for the replys, I'll get a 5 weight for the smaller creeks etc. I will use the 8 weight for medium rivers for steelhead salmon etc. looking for advice on setup.thanks.
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    Experienced fisherman, got into the Spey a few years ago and love it, I'm looking at purchasing an 8 weight fly rod, looking at trying some fly fishing with it. please excuse me for asking, but what type of lines leaders etc should I be using. I will be fishing smaller creeks rivers for smaller trout species. thanks.
  6. In Ontario MNR has asked anglers to keep a rod distance apart. Still see trucks with multiple guys travelling to fishing areas.they will surely screw things up for everyone. No overnight camping anymore and trailer sites are now shut down. Parks conservation areas also closed.
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