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  1. We have one spot open in my "Befriending the Bow" fly-fishing school on Saturday, July 11. I'll be teaching this one and we'll talk about how to overcome some of the things that make fishing the Bow so frustrating. If you'd like more information or to take the spot, send us an email at mclennanflyfishing@me.com
  2. Our introductory-level fly fishing schools are coming soon (will arrive precisely when spring does). Here's some information. If you or someone you know has been planning to take up this great sport, contact us at mclennanflyfishing.com In the meantime, here's some info: Introductory Fly Fishing Schools with Jim and Lynda McLennan, Alberta's most experienced instructors These schools are for folks who are: Total beginners. Folks who have been given equipment and are ready to put it to good use. Folks who have been spin or regular fishing for a number of years and want to move to the fly fishing world. Folks who used to fish and now want to get back into using that equipment hidden in the closet. Folks who have fished for some time but have never taken any lessons. This school will fill in the blanks and make their days on the river more enjoyable. Parents who are wanting to introduce their children (10/11 years old +) to their world of fly fishing. Come and share the day. What to expect: An understanding of: Fly fishing equipment. - what to look for when buying equipment. - what equipment I need to buy and what is nice to have. Trout Food. What do I need to know about what trout eat so I can use the correct fly pattern. What are dry flies, nymphs and streamers? What are mayflies, caddis flies and stoneflies? What terrestrials can I use? Casting - dry land casting sessions that will bring you accurate and easy casting for a life time of enjoyment. We make sure your equipment works well for you. Connecting - 2 essential knots I will need to know on the river. - how do I work with my leader for fishing with a dry fly, nymph and streamer. Fishing Techniques - how do I fish with a dry fly, nymph and streamer? On-the-Water practise - putting it all together. Come and join us. Introductory School Dates: May 5/6 May 12 May 26/27 June 2/3 July 7/8 Thanks Send us an email at mclennanflyfishing@me.com
  3. Chironomid Fishing Boat?

    Here's an answer to the original question. I have tried the boat. It is extremely stable, moves very quickly and very easily even in a breeze. Perhaps best of all, you can stand up (easily, comfortably and with stability equal to a pram). Stonefly, Monger, bcube and Bron, Joe is giving you a great opportunity to try one out. You should take him up on it.