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Alberta To New Brunswick?

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I am thinking about moving to Moncton, New Brunswick from Alberta for my job. (I know, I'm going the wrong way)


Anyone here from NB? Other than the Miramichi, I don't know much about the fishing propects other than a lot of streams that hold atlantic salmon, brook trout & the odd striped bass.


What is the access like? Are the stream bottoms considered private or crown land? I am already fearing leaving my beloved cuts, bows & browns behind and heading into a world of char.


Any information would be appreciated.



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I live in Moncton and I can give you the low down on all the fishing prospects in NB.


As I mentioned in another post, the salmon fishing on all the famous rivers (Miramichi, Restigouche etc.) is very tightly controlled by the Government (at least for the best stretches). It's a relatively complicated system based on different types of "crown reserve" licenses, all of which you must enter a draw and pay additional funds for (on top of your license). Regular reserve is a two day permit and you can only win once a year. Daily reserve is one day and you can win once a month.


There is open salmon water too (the best being on the Nepisiquit near Bathurst), but typically it's the less attractive stretches. Sounds restrictive, but a necessary evil here as otherwise the people would kill every fish they could find (by any means) and then complain there is no fish! Unfortunately, the conservation mind-set of Alberta hasn't sunk in here.


Lots of trout fishing too, but as you mentioned, it's really char fishing (brook trout). Average size of brookies in running water is probably 8 - 10". I've caught several 18's, but not lately. Season ends early (Sept 15) as they are fall spawners.


Feel free to PM me if you want any more details.



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