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August 20, 2008


Fish and wildlife trafficker nets hefty fine


Edmonton… A Lac La Biche man has pleaded guilty to one count of fish trafficking and five counts of wildlife trafficking in Alberta. The total fine is $44,850, and if the fine is not paid by December 15, 2008, he will face 659 days of imprisonment.


On August 12, Steve Fred Ladouceur pleaded guilty to trafficking 33 whitefish, one northern pike, two deer and four moose. In sentencing, the sitting Provincial Court Judge cited the disrespect of Aboriginal rights and the fact these offences occurred for more than two years as aggravating circumstances. Ladouceur was also issued a three-year probation order relative to the fishery offence and a 10-year judicial Wildlife Act order relative to the wildlife offences. Both orders set out conditions requiring Ladouceur to report his subsistence hunting and fishing activities to the Fish and Wildlife Division, Alberta Sustainable Resource Development.


During 2002 to 2004, information was received about alleged ongoing illegal fish and wildlife trafficking in the Lac La Biche and Athabasca areas. An intensive undercover investigation resulted in 64 charges under the General Fisheries (Alberta) Regulation and 12 Wildlife Act charges being laid against 30 individuals and one business, including the charges against Ladouceur.


So far the undercover operation has resulted in $105,350 in fines for 11 individuals. Court dates in Athabasca, Lac La Biche, Desmarais, Ft Saskatchewan and Edmonton have been set for the next three months to deal with the remaining 19 individuals and one business.


This investigation began as a result of information received from citizens concerned with abuses of Alberta’s natural resources. Anyone who is aware of or suspects fish or wildlife resource abuses in Alberta is encouraged to call the Report A Poacher line at 1-800-642-3800 or their local Fish and Wildlife officer.


Media inquiries may be directed to:


Darcy Whiteside


Sustainable Resource Development



To call toll-free within Alberta dial 310-0000.

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It seems to me that that guy was barely scraping by with enough food to keep the hunger pains to a minimum (end sarcasm). That's great news and hopefully this verdict will set a precedent and also draw the line between subsistence fishing/ hunting and poaching!


Awesome fines too!



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Yeah I heard this on the radio last night. Just a reminder to all the importance of Report a Poacher and our roll in calling the number. Imagine what would happen without it? :thumbdown: Imagine what would happen if we called in more (when we have reason to suspect an issue)? :wave_smile:

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