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Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast - Twelve Tips for Fishing Dry Flies, with Todd Tanner


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Todd Tanner [43:02] is a lifelong fly fisher and journalist and spent years as a guide on the Henry's Fork, one of the best (and toughest) dry-fly rivers in the world.  He also prefers not to fish nymphs.  Todd shares his 12 tips on improving your success with dry flies this week, and they are solid and helpful.   In the Fly Box this week, we have a great and varied selection of questions and tips from listeners, including:
  • I don't see any brook or brown trout in the usual places this fall.  Are they all upstream spawning?
  • Two great tips from a listener for beginning fly tiers.
  • Is a 10-foot 4-weight a good rod for both Euro nymphing and dry-fly fishing?
  • A great tip from a listener on how to prevent your dry fly from getting too soaked before retrieving it for the next cast.
  • A listener makes the point that watershed-level stream restoration is often not possible.
  • If my stream is stocked with rainbows, will I find them in other parts of the river system and will they survive?
  • Can I use a less expensive spool of fluorocarbon spinning line instead of the expensive stuff sold for fly fishing?
  • If I use only the tip of a CDC feather, can I use the remaining fibers for something else?
  • Kudos from a listener on a wonderful experience he had in the Orvis retail store in Atlanta
  • What kind of insects are most common in infertile streams?
  • Is there a reason Orvis makes a 10 ½ foot and 11-foot H3 rod and not a 10-footer?
  • A great rattlesnake story from a listener
  • I found a whole bunch of trout rising in a seam and tried everything but could not catch them.  I tried all kinds of dries and nymphs and changed my tippet and my angle of approach.  What do you think the fish were eating? 

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