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Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast - Getting your kids into fly fishing, with Joshua Simmons


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This week, my guest is Joshua Simmons [44:00], who with his brother Caleb hosts the podcast "Dads on the Fly". (It's not just for dads, it's for moms and families as well, but they just both happen to be dads and brothers who wanted to give back to the world of fly fishing.) In their podcast they explore the ways families can get together through fly fishing, and have talked to many people across the country about this subject, so Joshua has a lot to share from his conversations and research. If you have always wanted to bring your family together in fly fishing, you'll pick up some great suggestions.

In the Fly Box this week, we have an eclectic mix of suggestions and questions, including:

Why do I have trouble mixing my dubbing in an old coffee grinder? It comes out like rope. I

 have trouble tying with a hackle cape with thick stems. What can I do?

I have trouble hooking steelhead. What am I doing wrong?

A comment from a listener on the growing movement that helps fish and game departments protect all aquatic species, not just gamefish and game animals.

How can I practice casting before my next bonefish trip?

What footwear do you recommend for wading the flats?

It seems like I can get closer to bonefish wading that from a boat. Is that usually the case?

I have a new baby coming. How can I childproof my tying area?

Phil Rowley says that eutrophic lakes offer the best trout fishing, but all the eutrophic lakes I fish in New Hampshire are too warm for trout. Why the disconnect?

Someone told me to switch from left-hand wind to right-hand wind when I go saltwater fishing (I am right-handed). Should I heed their advice?

Why don't more fly anglers wear a PFD?

If Tom had one final trip, where would he go?

A great tip from a listener on pre-rigging flies at home

I can't cast a Euro rig with my 905 rod. Should I invest in a specific Euro nymphing rod and what will it give me that my current rod does not?

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