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Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast - Carp and Eel Down Under, with Angus Reynolds


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This week we take a trip Down Under to talk to guide Angus Reynolds [41:21] in Australia. Angus customarily guides trout anglers, but because of the recurring drought in Australia he has been pursuing alternate species and carp are one of his major targets. I thought we could learn some techniques to try on our North American carp, which are the same species, and Angus has some interesting tips on fishing a sunken dry fly for them. He also tells some great stories about catching Murray cod and eels on a fly rod!

In the Fly Box this week, we have some interesting questions and comments, including:

Can I use my 11-foot, 3-weight Helios Blackout rod for trout Spey? If so, what grain weight should I use?

When should I use jig hooks and slotted beads as opposed to regular nymph hooks and beads?

Do you have some tips for Eastern stillwater trout fishing? Is it much different than what they do in the West?

Is there a reasonable do-it-yourself repair kit for fly rods I can take into the field with me?

Does UV resin attract trout? And are UV materials really attractive to trout?

A listener from the UK says the whole idea of public water in North American blows his mind. He asks if it is really true that we can fish any river we want?

A listener takes me to task for insinuating that people who use Euro nymphing techniques are only after racking up numbers of fish.

What is the difference between graphite and fiberglass rods for small streams, and which is better?

If I see a beaver on one end of a pond and an otter on the other, which one should I stay away from when fishing?

A listener shares his experience of brown trout favoring one fly on his nymph rig and rainbow trout the other fly.

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