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OOPS!! Sorry Folks let me try this again with the video link ... A glorious 20 trout afternoon with Browns, Cutts and Lil Birdies and a Big Moose!!

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"This Time Out"
By Wade “Diddy” Richardson
Inspired by Cody Lambert’s “Cowboy Is His Name”
There’s hundreds of years of history
At least forty that are mine
I’ve got nine feet of leader
A fly at the end of my line
It’s that desire that burns inside us
From May’s melting waters til Octobers early ice
The skills we’ve honed to land us here
Are worth every sacrifice
All our miles of dusty drivin
All the gas money down the drink
All the wooly buggers & The Prince Nymphs
All the dry flies and the Gink
All our busted off tears left drying
All the splashing of the fight
That’s just a small down payment
On the take we get tonight
Its guts and love and stories
A little kids chance to dream
Our legacy is on the water
You can find us at the stream
Well fellow fly fishers, this story takes place in late July on a perfect Sunday afternoon. I headed West towards what is fast becoming one of my favorite little trout streams. Where? You ask, well I should probably “Keep it down now … Voices Carry”. On the way I captured creatures big and small on film as well as some beautiful hillsides covered in wildflowers, all that before I got into a nearly 20 fish afternoon with many of them captured here in the newest episode of The New Wave Angler … Enjoy and please remember to Like & Subscribe if you enjoy the content. Let me know what you think of the vid and even the poem ... Here is “SUNDAY TROUT”
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