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My guest this week is well, me. I recorded a podcast and the file got corrupted and I couldn’t get my guest back in time to do a makeover. So this week is just the Fly Box.

In the Fly Box this week, we have some interesting questions and tips, including:

Do I absolutely need a full sinking line and a stripping basket to fish in the surf?

Do you pinch the barbs on flies for all saltwater species?

Will streamers and bucktails work throughout the summer?

Can I go heavier than 6X on smaller flies to get fish in quicker and stress them less?

Why do I catch many fish in a small stream and then see none on the next trip?

Any advice on tips for setting the hook when using a long cast?

Should I pursue traditional fly gear or just use Tenkara?

Should I use a 6-weight for a light saltwater outfit?

How can I get the hackle on my Parachute Adams to look better?

When would someone replace a dry fly as an indicator with a standard indicator in small streams?

What is the best way to attach 80 lb. shock tippet to a 20 lb. class tippet?

What is the best material for shucks on emergers?

What is the largest trout Tom ever caught?

If you are switching back and forth between tippets and modifying your leader, does it matter that you are using the same butt section and midsection all the time?

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